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The company that invented blue denim, Levi Strauss and Co (Levi’s) has been around for over 160 years. A major clothing retailer and manufacturer, It employs over 16000 employees around the world, most of them in retail and sales to keep those trademark blue jeans with the red tag in the minds of customers worldwide. Fill out your online Levi’s application by visiting the link below.

Levi’s invented the denim blue jean as a way of making pants more durable. A tailor who had the idea of using metal rivets to reinforce trousers that easily tore when used in harsh work environments approached the company’s founder with a design in 1873. Together, they patented blue denim jeans, creating a phenomenon that would, over the course of almost a century become the most famous brand of trousers in the world.

Levi’s has developed an image of itself as a progressive employer, working for the betterment of its employees’ lives all over the world. It is a community-oriented employer, with programs ranging from HIV awareness programs to community outreach programs that pair employees with local charities. Levi’s is committed to paying its employees a fair wage for the work they do.

Levi’s strives toward a fun, informal workplace culture that is still socially and culturally aware, giving back to the communities of which it is a part. It still innovates in terms of fashion and comfort in the field of working clothing and has a legacy that the clothing industry is still coming to grips with. Submit your application to be a part of this great company today.

Levi’s Careers

Retail and marketing operations are the jobs that are largely the public face of the company. Most people experience the brand through the retail outlets and stores. Maybe they’ll go to a store and be helped by an associate or even look at a display or see a commercial.  Levi’s careers in retail and marketing include sales associates and look supervisors.

Management and design jobs are positions behind the scenes that are responsible for the running of the company and the direction it will take. They keep the stores running, are responsible for coordinating policy across the company.  Levi’s jobs in management and design include tailor, store manager and financial analyst.

How old do you have to be to work at Levi’s? With a lot of summer sales associate positions and entry-level positions, the minimum age to work at the company is 15 years of age. Full time positions are open to people who graduated from high school, who would generally be older than 18 years, but 17-year olds may be considered on an exceptional basis.

A career at Levi’s comes with many benefits. Full-time employees get medical, dental and vision coverage. All employees get a discount at all company-owned stores, both physical and online and on certain brands of electronics. As well, employees get paid time off every year to serve at a non-profit organization.

This is how to apply for Levi’s online: visit the Levi’s website and click on Find a Job under the Careers menu. Click on the List, Search or click on the city in which you want to work. Listings for all the jobs fitting your criteria will be shortlisted. Clicking on a listing will cause details to appear. There is no printable application form for Levi’s, but this is a free application process.

Levi’s Job Descriptions

Sales Associates and Sales Stylists – The majority of job opportunities available are for sales associates in local stores. The job description indicates they are responsible for serving customers, helping with stocktaking and hitting sales targets. Hours are scheduled by the supervisors. Expected wages start at about minimum wage going up to about $12 an hour but may be higher at some locations.

Supervisor/Look Supervisor – This person is responsible for running the store, implementing corporate strategy and ensuring that sales staff meet their targets and that the store itself is running efficiently and is making its target overall. Supervisors also have to open and close the shop and reconcile accounts. This is a full-time, salaried position that will pay about $25,000 to $45,000 a year depending on location. Shift work is necessary.

Business Analyst – The business analyst is responsible for overseeing the collection of data and using that data to write reports and help plan the future course of the company. The analyst will scrutinize sales trends month over month and year over year to determine what products are selling well and what aren’t. Salary for this job is about $75,000 per annum.

Tailor – Tailors responsibilities are to interpret the trends in the marketplace, and modify existing designs and create new articles of clothing. This is an opportunity to potentially set fashion trends and see your work being worn by people everywhere. Estimated salary for this job is $40,000 to $70,000 depending on location and seniority.

User Experience Manager, Ecommerce – This job is an opportunity to shape the online experience of customers as they visit the online store. The user experience manager analyzes the needs of online shop, manages design decisions for the websites by using tools such as A/B testing and feedback forms. Estimated salary for this job is $125,000.

Levi’s Interview Questions

Why would you like to work at Levi’s? This is a question you should consider when applying to any company. Figure out what about the company attracts you. Identify what facets of the job attract you most. Express these clearly and enthusiastically to your interviewer. The person hiring for a job figures you are probably qualified for the job. Now show you are on board with their team.

What challenges do you anticipate facing at this job and how do you think you will handle them? Consider what issues you anticipate facing and overcoming. Challenges you could mention are personal challenges (overcoming shyness, maintaining a work/life balance) or professional (learning how to use new computer applications, continuing education), but always put a positive spin on them — always make a challenge an opportunity not a mere obstacle.

Designers, tailors and even design project managers will face questions such as What inspires you? and What design projects have you tackled? and What is your design process? These are questions best answered truthfully. Try to relate your design influences and experiences back to how you would apply them to the company. A bit of research into Levi’s branding and the garment industry could go a long way here.

Managers will often get asked What projects have you managed before? and How do you deal with conflict? Make sure you relate your experience to the job at hand. If applying for management at a store describe how you resolve conflicts with customers and make unhappy customers leave satisfied. If you’re applying to be a project manager, describe your experience working with teams and how you’ve managed team dynamics.

Advice For Application Process

Although there are many Levi’s jobs online with similar descriptions and names, it is advisable to read through them carefully since there are subtle differences between, say, stylists and sales associates. To compare different jobs, you should download application form for multiple jobs so you can quickly compare job descriptions.

It may be advantageous to discuss future employment with your future supervisor. Specifically, if you are applying to be a sales associate, it often helps to talk with the store supervisor to figure out what he or she is looking for and to get tips on how to apply for jobs at Levi’s. Submitting a direct application to the supervisor is not recommended, however since you must apply online.

As you fill in your Levi’s application, make sure that you submit a copy of your resume as well as filling in the information through the resume builder. Furthermore, make sure that the information on your resume matches the information you submit on the resume builder. Review all information carefully at the end of the online application process.

On the day of the interview, wear business professional attire and be relaxed, but enthusiastic about your prospects. If you are applying for a design or web-related position, bring a portfolio of past work and be sure that you can quickly answer questions about the selected works you have chosen. Make sure you are well rested for the interview.
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