Kumon Application & Careers

Kumon is a famous afterschool program for mathematics and reading. It doesn’t follow the standard school curriculum, but the program follows the learner’s pace. This is a self-regulating program where teachers help their students individually.

This international educational network was developed and started by Toru Kumon in 1958. He developed this program using his Kumon method that is focused on teaching math and reading for kids.

Kumon has learning centers in Japan, America, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, and China. This educational network has millions of students all over the world.

Kumon provides a comprehensive compensation package that includes dental, vision, and medical coverage. Employees receive a 401k retirement savings plan, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and disability plans. Also, they enjoy employee support program and career growth opportunities.

People like working at Kumon because the company gives them the opportunity to learn how to be patient with kids. Employees work hand in hand with different people in a fast-paced setting. 

How old do you have to be to work at Kumon?

Applicants must be at least 22 years old with college diploma. Experience may not be a requirement for some positions, but it’s an advantage. Job seekers are advised to check the careers page of the company website for more details.

Kumon Careers

This educational network offers compelling opportunities to work, earn, and thrive for qualified candidates. The company will select applicants with impressive qualities to fill in the following positions:

Company Center Instructor: A company center instructor supervises the center’s operations and growth. His job involves guiding the students over their course of learning and lesson planning. A company center instructor recruits, trains, and directs center staff. He also deals with constant parent communication and orientations for new student explorations.

Field Consultant: A field consultant manages a group of fifteen to twenty locations. She performs assessments on a regular basis and follow up visits that will ensure acquiescence with corporate objectives. Likewise, she tries increasing the operational standards through training and guidance. Sometimes, she evaluates the local market conditions to establish brand awareness and ensure competitiveness.

Office Administrator: The office administrator performs different administrative tasks like preparing memos, correspondence, reports, and presentations, and scheduling appointments. Her job also involves responding to telephone calls, setting up conference calls and meetings, and making travel preparations. Likewise, an office administrator prepares expenditure reports and deals with invoice processing.

Order Clerk: The order clerk works with a small group to process the orders for all franchisees in Canada. He picks and packs orders using the company’s pick-to-light system and extracts reports into Microsoft Excel. To be efficient in the job, an order clerk should be flexible, cooperative, and with a positive attitude.

Assistant Instructor: The assistant instructor ensures that center supplies are fully ordered and restocked promptly. She ensures that tuition was accurately and promptly collected. She also prepares the requests for payment for different bills when needed. Her administrative duties involve photo copying, checking the returning calls and messages on the phone, scheduling the students, etc.

HR Generalist: The HR generalist works closely with the HR manager to mitigate and resolve employee relation concerns like harassment and discrimination claims. He reviews and suggests procedure and policy updates in compliance with the national and state regulations concerning employment. Also, the HR generalist administers countless programs about employee benefits, which involve group dental, vision, and life insurances.

Instructor Training Specialist: The instructor training specialist is the one who facilitates training programs inside the company. She revises or updates all training programs together with specific modules, and prepares the materials needed for every program. After training, she will assess all trainees. Also, her job involves maintaining skills or knowledge to facilitate or design training programs and materials.

Company Center Instructor Consultant: She evaluates the local market conditions to guarantee competitiveness and establish brand awareness. A company center instructor consultant assesses the local competition and creates branch level techniques for franchisees to sustain a competitive advantage. She constantly monitors center and branch level performance for outliers, best practices, and trends.

Communications Intern: A communications intern is the one who creates a tactical media contact list. He drafts press releases and stories of student success, monitors the news for reporting, and keeps digital clip reports. He also manages all caption branded video clips that are to be uploaded to social networking sites.

Corporate Attorney: A corporate attorney provides all-purpose legal advice to operational managers and senior management members. He oversees the negotiation and conscripting of leases and contracts. He participates in the preparation and execution of pertinent corporate papers like franchise publication file and franchise agreement. He also provides advice on rational property concerns.

Kumon Application

Interested job seekers may apply online, but they can also send their application papers at their preferred locations. Each location may present various opportunities, so applicants must contact the location they prefer to check best practices.

The company accepts applications that were submitted either online or in-person. Whatever route they choose, job hopefuls are required to fill out the given hiring form.

When they fill out the standard paper hiring form, candidates must ensure it stays current, correct, and concise. Therefore, applicants should double check the entries carefully before submitting the application form.

Candidates are also required to submit their resume, cover letter, and other needed documents. The resume should be updated, concise, and accurate just like the hiring form.

Likewise, walk-in applicants must be prepared for possible on-the-spot interviews. They should wear proper clothing when submitting their application papers because on-the-spot interviews are always possible. Candidates must impress the interviewer by showing confidence and professionalism in action and words.

Things to Know about Kumon

The company introduces a good, fun workplace culture. Employees are friendly and helpful as the company promotes teamwork and unity. Many employees said to work with kids helped them learn the significance of forming a positive and happy work environment.

The company has been around for quite a long time. Last March 2018, its learning center in Los Angeles celebrated its milestone anniversary. The branch is now on its 35th year in providing academic enrichment to kids in Southern California.

This learning program is known for going further than tutoring. It guarantees that every child will progress through individualized teaching at his/her own pace. Also, its worksheet approach to education improves a child’s abilities in and out of the classroom.

The company believes that its core values should include fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities about solving worldwide environmental issues. The organization sees preserving the Mother Earth as a critical challenge to be attained while carrying out its business activities. 

Application Links

Company: www.kumon.com

Careers: www.kumon.com/careers

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