Kings Dominion Application & Careers

Kings dominion is an amusement park equipped with diverse of games, coasters, rides and a 20-acre (81,000m) water Park that feature various captivation. It can be categorized as a theme park in that its structures and attraction is based on a central theme.

The park was established on 3rd of May, 1975 by family leisure centers, a partnership formed between Taft broadcasting company and the Top value Enterprises. But presently, it is owned by Cedar Fair.

The 400-acre (1.6 km) park is located in Doswell, Virginia, United States with over 1000 employees. The park has its name derived from King Island Park and the nickname of the state of Virginia “Old Dominion.”

Kings dominion offers excellent fundraising opportunity when a group of persons participates on busy days to supplement their staffs. Employees also enjoy exclusive events, gain valuable experience, make friends with unfamiliar visitors, co-workers and take the opportunity for advancement.

As part of the incentives of the park, employees enjoy medical, dental and vision insurance coverage, life insurance, long and short-term disability insurance, pet insurance, paid sick leave, free ticket, and free entry on your off day, food and merchandise discount.

Working schedule is quite flexible with a good average pay. There is an opportunity for employees to work for hours, learn leadership skill, develop long lasting friendship and enhance the world view by meeting, living and interacting with others from around the world.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Kings Dominion?

All employees must at least be 15 years of age except for few positions where you must at least be 18 years old before you can occupy those few positions such as ride maintenance mechanic, first aid/EMT, and security personnel. Volunteers must at least be 16 years of age.

Kings Dominion Career

Pursuing a career in Kings dominion is like joining the professional team working behind the scene. During summer, the park offer internship placements throughout the whole department and position. Opportunities are also given to work and travel USA participants to work at will in the park. It is an ideal workplace for different categories of people seeking a per-time job for extra income. There are levels of job entry such as:

Rides maintenance mechanic: Rides maintenance mechanic inspects, maintain, and repairs rides and equipment. They design and rebuild components of rides and also respond to work order and ride time call in timely manner. They adhere to and enforces all park policies and procedures, safety and attendance policies.

Lifeguard: Lifeguard monitor and enforce lifeguard rules to ensure the security of guests. They make decisions on ride restrictions and recommendation they load and unload guests and provide communicating safety regulation. They are in charge of testing equipment before its usage, and they manage the guest on cue to ensure orderliness.

Food and beverage host: Food and beverage host prepare food item to safety and quality standard. They help guest to decide what kind of food they will cherish, take food and drinks order and also inform kitchen personnel on shortages or special order. They also receive proper payment and make change for food items with the use of a cash register.

Security Officer: Security Officer oversees all areas of the park including employee-only backstage areas. They monitor entry and exit to the park and prevent entry of contraband into the park via a metal detector. They also engage with guests by helping out in various situational problems each day.

Merchandise Host: Merchandise host engages in friendly interaction with guests and also assist in making purchases including a recommendation to guest on potential purchases. They are responsible for the cash register, housekeeping and maintaining appropriate stock levels.

Game Host: Game hosts oversee the operation of games in the park. They communicate price and rules of the game to the guests, they determine winners and distribute prizes to them. They also speak to the guest with the highest level of excitement and enthusiasm order to attract visitors to their game.

Ride Host: Ride host ensures proper capability of a guest child to ride, loading and unloading the ride. They are responsible for enforcing ride and restrictions and recommendations. They provide and verify safety restraint and equipment used daily.

Landscape Technician: The primary responsibility of the landscape technician is to perform the task of landscaping and ground maintenance to ensure cleanliness and problems related to horticulture. They plan, implement and oversee plant design and production for the entire park. They also record activities and prepare reports on greenhouse activities

Ride attendant: Ride Attendant is responsible for assisting each guest in safely riding each ride during operation. They also interact with a guest at the entry of a ride informing them about the rules and regulations that apply to each trip

First Aid/Emergency Medical Technician: The responsibility of first aid is basically to provide medical care, life support, and emergency care services to associates and park guest. They also provide quality attention and empathy towards guests and associates during medical emergencies in the park.

Kings Dominion Application

To apply for a job at Kings dominion for a full-time job, qualified candidate should submit their resume through mail to human resources office, P.O Box 2000, Doswell, VA 23047 or through E-mail to

Both instore and online application are available and accepted. To apply online, the applicant should visit their website, go to explore and click on the job. Different categories of job post will be displayed for the applicant to apply for any work of their choice.

A form has to be filled for an associate applicant to apply for a job successfully. While filling the form, necessary information with an uploaded doc/pdf resume and permanent address of the applicant will be required.

The short compilation of the applicant’s educational and professional experiences and skills should be explicit and straightforward when submitting a resume. It should include contact information, a measurable accomplishment in work experience and expertise well integrated organically into work experience.

After the submission of an application form, an interview date and venue will be communicated to the candidate. In expectance of an interview day, the candidate should research the park, review on precedent interviews and interviewers, roles of the job applied for, dos and don’ts of interviews and the mode of dressing.

Facts About Kings Dominion

The culture at Kings dominion is in several form. People from diverse communities come together due to programs that allow them to work there and it’s more fun if they can speak a different language.  A typical work day consists of fun interaction with infinite numbers of guests from various nationalities.

Kings dominion commemorated the 40th anniversary in 2014 of lion country safari and the preview opening of Kings dominion by returning park icon from past era and also continues to celebrate in 2015 with a significant expansion of Water Park.

The park is known for the adrenalin pumping drill called Intimidator 305 which has 300-foot drop, high, incredible speed and great bank and turns. It has remained the top 25 of amusement today’s golden ticket for best steel award. The park is also known to have many mazes and scare areas throughout the park.

There is room for volunteers to participate in some activities of the park for a whole new experience. The park is dedicated to funding opportunities to help groups and organizations that are start-ups or still struggling with their budget to make extra income.