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kicksUSAKicksUSA is an American urban footwear and apparel retail chain. The store was founded in Philadelphia in 2002 and has since grown to over 40 locations around Philadelphia and New Jersey. The retailer offers sports and leisurewear brands like Adidas, New Balance, and the North Face for men, women, and children.

On their website, the company emphasizes their commitment to customer satisfaction. They purport to offer products for the entire family and family-friendly customer service to meet the needs of their clientele. They emphasize the comfort and convenience of their stores for shopping families and the availability of their customer service via email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and in stores.

KicksUSA provides a release calendar for their customers on their website, showing the launch days of the newest Jordans, Nikes, and many other popular shoe brands. The calendar provides all specifications available on the shoes, including price and availability following the launch.

The company is active on social media, Instagram and Twitter specifically. On their Twitter account they feature special deals, sports celebrities wearing merchandise available in their stores, and jokes and birthday shout outs to employees and celebrities. Their Instagram account features almost exclusively attractive pictures of merchandise, and the occasional sports photo.

The retailer developed the “KicksUSA Affiliate Squad Program” which allows individuals to partner their website or social media account with the company. Websites, blogs, and social media accounts that feature footwear and apparel can link their featured products to the retailer’s website and receive commission for any sales generated by the click from their site.

KicksUSA Interview Questions

Can you tell me about a problem you have had with a past supervisor? This question is a trap. Interviewers want to know if you will say something bad about your supervisor. The best way to answer this question is just to say that you haven’t had any issues with past supervisors. The interviewer shouldn’t press on, but if they do, just stay true to your original answer.

What drives you to do your best on the job? There is no right answer, because only you can say what drives you. Maybe you are the kind of person who loves challenges, and that is what pushes you. If you are motivated by things like achievement and recognition, you can say that. If it is more than one thing, feel free to say that and share what those things are.

Can you describe your work ethic? When you answer this question, you will want to tell the interviewer things like you thrive under pressure, you are highly motivated to complete tasks, you are a great multitasker, and you want to do everything to the best of your ability. This shows the interviewer that you have a good work ethic and that you are doing your best for the good of the company.

How do you work under pressure? You will want to say that you do well under pressure, and maybe even say – if it is true – that a little pressure helps you perform to the highest of your ability. You can give examples of how you have handled pressure at previous jobs, as well. Examples will always help interviewers see a more complete picture, so it is a good idea to provide one.

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