Kenneth Cole Application & Careers

Kenneth Cole Productions is a design house that create beautiful clothes. They also design shoes, purses, watches, eye glasses, and luggage’s. When they first started they only had designed shoes to sell. They create shoes and purses for some other stores as well.

The company was founded by Kenneth Cole himself and he was very proud of his products. He started his business in 1983 selling on the side of the road. He then made enough money to open his first store in 1984. The headquarter of his store is located in New York, NY.

There are a lot of people (1,600) working at Kenneth Cole Productions. They sell to over 60 different outlets and have 4700 department stores selling their products. Kenneth Cole had received an award for making a new change.

There are some good benefits when working for this company. One benefit is that you get a 50% discount on all the merchandise. Another benefit is they give you a chance to move up and learn new things. They give you good hours and a very good environment to work in.

Many people love working here because, they can move up. They love how friendly the staff really is and that is a plus. They really love the hours they work and the discounts they receive. Furthermore, the designers are able to create their own ideas and their team mates are there to encourage them.

How old do you have to be to work at Kenneth Cole Productions?

To work at the department stores you must be at least 16 years of age. However, to work at the headquarter you should be in college or have a college degree. That is because the headquarter is a design house. This is a very good and creative place to work at.

Kenneth Cole Productions Careers

Working at Kenneth Cole Productions is a wonderful career. You will have some of the best people working with you. However, whichever role you decide to take will keep you busy, especially working in a fashion house. Here is a list you can choose from:

Licensing Coordinator: In this position, you will be gathering the weekly sales. You will also get the reports together that are really needed. This position will require you to have some type of experience or a degree.

Support Licensing Team: This position will require you to pay attention to the calendar and coordinate all of the appointments. Plus, you will have to give administrative help to whom ever need it.

Sales Support: This position requires you to bring the return merchandise back to the stock room. You will also put the merchandise on the shelves and on the floor. And you will take care of the customers transactions.

Sales Associates: This position require you to reach goals and help put out the exchanges. You will also, keep the store clean as well as organized to.

Merchandise Coordinator: This position requires you to work closely with the merchant team. You will also put some samples together for the merchant team to hand out.

Sample Coordinator: This position will require you to take care of the samples. You will also, bring the products back and forth to the merchant team so they can see them and approve it. Those are a few things you will be doing in this position.

Graphic Designer to Fashion Director: This position will require you to use photoshop. You will be designing graphics and you will also handle the servers. You will also create some designs for the other store that buy the merchandise.

Pricing Coordinator: This position will require you to take care of the pricing of the merchandise. You will also take care of the promotions and communicate with everybody. If there are any problems you will be responsible for taking care of it.

Scheduling Support Officer: This position requires you to work with the production team. You will have to set the date when a new product is coming out. You will also communicate with all the teams.

Customer Support: This position will require you to work with the customers. You will also help them find the merchandise they need. If they bring something back you will be required to help them until they are satisfied.

Kenneth Cole Productions Application

The application to apply for a job at Kenneth Cole Productions can be filled out online or at the store. When applying for the job it can take up to two weeks. So, you can just go there and they will be very happy to help you.

The best way to apply is in person because you can see their reactions when you hand them your application. Sometimes, it is good to do it online however, it will be very hard to know if they received it.

When you are filling out your application always stay true to your word. Do not add any fake information on your application. Your application process will go very smooth if you give accurate information. Be very careful when you are filling out your application online because you do not want anybody getting your personal information.

As for your resume when applying for a job at this company make sure you have the accurate training. These jobs mostly require you to have a degree and experience. And these jobs can be very difficult especially if you do not know what you are doing. After you write out your resume it is best that you make a few extra copies so you can leave copies for your interviewer.

As for interview, be honest with them and it won’t hurt if you bring your degree as proof. Never give them any extra information just stick to the questions they ask you. The main reason of an interview is to learn about the company you are applying for. And when you go to your interview you should dress casual because the interview is about you not your wardrobe.

Things to know about Kenneth Cole Productions

The culture of the company is very productive and fast pace. You will be working with some great people and this company was created to help everybody feel good about their self. And to make some positive changes in their life. He also believe in helping his community and his employees.

As for the news, worthy events the company is dedicated to helping people. He has a foundation that is there to help people in their time of need. It is so good to find someone willing to help people out during their time of need. He also decided to close down his outlet stores and focus more on his ecommerce store. He also, sell his products through other stores.

Kenneth Cole is known for his foundation and he is very passionate about it. He has helped out with an aids campaign so they can raise money to help them find a cure and awareness. He is also known for the award he won for making a huge change with in his company.

And as for his social efforts he raised awareness for a variety of things. He also addresses people in the inside and then the outside.