Kay Jewelers Application & Careers

Residents of Reading, Pennsylvania find beautiful and sparkling jewelry in Kay Jewelers, which also sells original brands of eyeglasses, electric razors, and musical jewelry boxes.

Its business started in 1916, but was later acquired by Signet Jewelers, based in Ohio. From then until the present, the store has helped its customers make their residences a “home sweet home”.

With over 1,000 stores across America, the company is committed to providing excellent customer service by hiring highly competent and approachable associates, CSRs, and managers.

In return for their unparalleled service, the company gives them the following benefits and perks: a 401 (K) retirement plan, company store discounts, paid holidays and sick leave, stock options, and training reimbursement.

The company likewise hosts an education hub, in which staff and clients are schooled on jewelry basics, the 4 Cs of diamonds, hypoallergenic jewelry, and diamond clarity. Thus, it is evident that Kay Jewelers put a premium on training to keep their consultants abreast with trends in jewelry.

How old do you have to be to work at Kay Jewelers?

The company accepts applicants who are at least 18 years old, for both entry-level and managerial jobs. They will be given a schedule that falls under any of these times: 10 AM to 9 PM (Mondays to Saturdays), and 12 PM to 5 PM (Sundays).

Kay Jewelers Careers

The company is looking for individuals who are willing to learn more about jewelry and contribute their skills and knowledge to the team. Check out the top 10 job vacancies below and the short description for each position.

Sales Associate

The Sales Associate is in charge of attending to customers’ needs. As a member of the front-end team, he shall entertain the clients’ questions and/or complaints. He shall also help them locate a specific item. He cleans the store and drives sales at all times.

Customer Service Specialist

The tasks of the customer service specialist are: providing repair, sales, ecommerce, and merchandise assistance through various channels; processing online orders; meeting department service level goals; preventing fraud; developing resolutions to any request made by clients; and ensuring all client information are kept confidential.

Bench Jeweler

A Bench Jeweler and his apprentice should be able to do all of the following: creating stone mounts, repairing chains and clasps, setting stones, carving wax, creating customized designs, performing minor ring repairs, performing platinum rebuilds, and casting. The ideal candidate must have had 1 to 3 years of experience as jeweler or anything related to this field.

Detail Assistant

Detail Assistants must know a product very well, such as the diamond’s total weight, metal type, and chain type. Each detail must then be evaluated to the right categories. The detail assistant also processes purchases and checks whether the pricing for each piece of jewelry is apropos.

Workload Planning Specialist

The person accepted for this position shall create planning schedules and coordinate workloads according to the plans provided. He shall work with Support Center departments, ensuring all tasks and projects are equally distributed to team members. He likewise tracks and evaluates the execution of store projects, providing feedback where it is needed.


The Maintenance employee’s job includes, but is not limited to: performing internal and external maintenance in various store locations; cleaning and maintaining public restrooms; keeping the floors and windows clean at all times; clearing away snow and debris in front of the store; and monitoring the performance of contracted vendors.

Store Manager

The store’s general operations depend on the capacity of the Store Manager to keep the staff motivated and hardworking. A strong and capable leader, the manager shall drive sales, monitor the performance of the staff, and handle complaints effectively. He will also train new hires and recruit talents.

Assistant Store Manager

The Store Manager needs an assistant to help him carry out his tasks. In the absence of the Store Manager, the AM executes his duties and boosts sales, ensures everybody is complying with company standards and policies, and providing excellent service to customers. He must be responsible, efficient, and firm in his decisions.

District Supervisor

The District Supervisor, on the other hand, monitors the performance of each store assigned to him. Normally, he would go around 10 store locations and coordinate with Store Managers or AMs. He would check their daily and weekly sales, and sit through job interviews. They also conduct trainings to new hires.

Web Content Manager

Someone needs to develop and post content to keep the company website going. The web content manager’s main job is to provide information for the landing pages of the website. He also reports to the IT consultant if there are broken links or pages that do not load properly.

Kay Jewelers Application

The website doesn’t provide a printable application form, but it does have an online form via the Virtual Job Tryout. This can be accessed in the Careers link.

Fill out the necessary information in the online form. It may take you an hour to accomplish the form as it also contains situational questions (i.e. what you know about working in a jewelry store).

The rest of the form focuses on basics such as your personal information, educational background, and work history. Make sure the information you provide is the same as those in your resume.

To get noticed by the hiring team, highlight relevant skills, previous job experiences, and certifications in your resume. Avoid including unnecessary details. Make your resume neat and presentable, too.

It’s likewise important to be confident during the job interview. Dress your best and arm yourself with background knowledge about Kay Jewelers. The manager might also ask why you want to work for them.

Things to Know about Kay Jewelers

The company maintains a culture of professionalism among its employees. Education and knowledge are highly prized. The tasks may be challenging, but the workplace is a good venue to hone your skills and nurture your talent.

Just recently, the company partnered with Dude Perfect, a social media sensation, who showed their unique talents such as landing rings on jewelry displays.

Although this team-up is for entertainment purposes, it also aims to provide a different way of presenting the brand to customers. This is enough proof that Kay Jewelers will always find a way to create brand awareness, even if it meant being a little quirky at times.

Meanwhile, the company is bent on complying with ethical practices. All employees are required to follow the code of conduct, which is meant to promote honesty and integrity on the job.

Application Links

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