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Jewelry stores are an important place for people. They get gifts all the times there, whether it is a pendent for a little girl or an engagement ring to marry the woman of your dreams. They are a staple for getting gifts for loved ones, and also to take advantage of their cleaning and repair services that the company may offer. At any mall, you can probably find at least 5 jewelry stores close by each other.

Jewelry can be very expensive, so it is important to go to a trusted company that is very informed in this type of work. They say diamonds are forever, and you want to make sure your expensive purchase is well-crafted and made from the best materials.

A great thing about this industry is that there are flexible hours found here. This means someone who is looking for a second job or trying to work around a class schedule can easily find employment here. They also hire more during the busy holiday seasons, which gives opportunities for those looking to earn some extra money for holiday shopping.

At the entry level, most positions do not require previous experience. This means that a first time job seeker can find a position in this industry. There are a lot of reasons why this field is a great one to get into.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find within this industry:

Sales Associate: A sales associate is the primary source of customer service for their store. They greet customers, and offer assistance. An associate must have excellent knowledge of the products, so that they can properly answer any questions that the customer might have about the products and services in store. Having impeccable interpersonal skills is important for a position like this. A sales person will need to know how to measure a customer for the piece of jewelry they are looking to buy or order. If a customer needs to special order a piece, the associate should be able to properly quote the time and price for that. Knowing how to mix and match pieces can be a useful talent for this position. The associate will also receive payment for the items and should be aware of all payment policies for their company. They also handle the returns and exchanges for the company, and should be aware of all company policies regarding that. A sales associate must be at least 18 years old and it is preferred that they have a high school diploma or equivalent. They can earn around $9-$14 per hour, with some companies offering commission for sales.

Jewelry Design:  Without a person to create the designs or assemble the jewelry, the company would not have goods to sell. A jewelry designer can be responsible for designing and assembling pieces in accordance with their customer’s wishes. They work with precious stones and metals to craft pieces of art to sell to their company’s clients. They might also mass produce jewelry for companies. A designer must have a flair for fashion and have excellent skills in the arts. They need to have steady hands and have amazing manual dexterity. Some artists use programs like CAD to help with their designs. While it isn’t required for a designer to get an education in the field, it is often preferred that they complete and associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fine arts, fashion, or some related field. Coursework should include classes in sculpting and metal work. A designer can earn around $39,000 a year.

Jewelry Repair Technician: A repair technician is responsible for repairing, modifying and resizing the pieces of jewelry. The repair aspects of this job include such tasks as resetting stones and replacing broken parts on the pieces. This job can be very physically demanding. You might have to sit for long hours while hunched over pieces while carefully handling the items without causing further breakage or completely destroying a piece. The tools and chemicals used in this field could be potentially dangerous for a person, so they must be handled properly to avoid serious injury. Depending on the place of employment, there might also be a security risk due to working with expensive pieces of jewelry. Even working in retail, there might be a need to work after hours to complete products in the time quoted to the customer. They need to have skills in metal fusing, as well as be skilled in metal works. There is no education requirement for this position and most of the training is completed on the job. However, some schools do offer classes and seminars in repair where a technician can learn skills. A technician can earn around $40,000 a year, depending on experience and type of company that they work for.

Store Manager: A store manager is primarily responsible for the employees of their store. A manager will hire and train any new employees, and inform them of any expectations that the company expects them to meet. A manager will discipline and fire employees when it becomes necessary to do so. The manager schedules employees and will supervise them during their shift to ensure that they are completing their jobs efficiently and to the satisfaction of the company. The manager should be familiar with other aspects of the store to be able to fill in when they are short staffed. A manager will generally have worked their way up from an entry level position in this field, while some gain a college degree in business management or some related field. They should have great interpersonal skills so that they can properly handle any customer service issue that may arise. They should come up with resolutions that make both parties happy. The manager can earn around $40,000 to $70,000 a year, depending on experience and education.

Job Outlook

The estimated job outlook for this industry is around 11%. This is right on track with the national average across other industries. The reason for this number can be attributed by the high turnover rate found within industries like this. While some positions have a lower growth as a result of people staying in their positions, other positions have people leave to move onto more lucrative careers.

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