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The company caters to Northwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas. With a customer base of over 800000 the company serves an area of about 18000 square miles. As an expanding organization there is an ever growing need for new people. To apply for jobs you just need to download application form for Kansas City Power and Light. You can also find the printable application for Kansas City Power and Light jobs online by clicking the Kansas City Power and Light application Link at the end of the page and downloading the printable application form.

Kansas City Power and Light was formed in 1882 by four friends who strongly believed that electricity was not a luxury but rather an essential part of daily life, and thus began the journey of making it available to all homes in Northwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas. The company has a high standard of social responsibility and focuses its operations to be safe for employees in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Kansas City Power and Light has a strong focus on being a positive influence on the local community and environment it operates in, and for this very reason it is involved in various projects to aid this cause. They are involved with providing educational development for underprivileged children, focusing on environmental restoration through recycling, conservation and beautification projects in addition to providing economic and workforce development in distressed areas encouraging involvement and participation in engineering and mechanics.

Kansas City Power and Light takes a keen interest in the well-being of its employees and therefore has many programs and benefits aimed at not only enhancing their work experience but also providing health and retirement benefits among many others. Full details of how you can send a direct application to apply online for Kansas City Power and Light jobs can be viewed through their website.

Kansas City Power and Light Careers

Kansas City Power and Light jobs offer many employment opportunities at various locations for both new and experienced people. It also offers internship programs for students looking to get firsthand experience of the organization before applying for work after graduation. Being a utility company there are many openings in different departments both inside the office and on the field.

Kansas City Power and Light has a culture that encourages diversity, growth and integrity. Being a utility company it needs to have people available round the clock to meet customer queries and concerns. This is something you should keep in mind while filling out the Kansas City Power and Light Application. Some of the job opportunities in the company are communications specialist, supply chain system and support analyst, welder, electrician, lineman, enterprise application administrator and application programmer.

How old do you have to be to work at Kansas City Power and Light? The minimum age requirement for being eligible for work at the company is 18. Some positions may have specific requirements that would have to be considered before sending in your applications..

The company is an equal opportunity employer with a strong focus on hiring capable employees through a transparent and unbiased screening process. It believes in making every employee involved in the business to enhance productivity and commitment.

Kansas City Power and Light Job Descriptions

Communications Specialist – In this position it would be your job to communicate with the media and other audiences both within and outside the organization. If you have experience in media relations and have good interpersonal skills with a desire to excel then this may be the job for you. Salaries for this job description can be expected to be about $18 per hour.

Supply Chain System and Support Analyst – This role requires an experienced individual with strong analytical skills with the ability to perform well in a team environment. If you are someone who is able to learn software products quickly and can effectively take responsibilities and communicate changes that need to be made to support upgrades and enhancements in systems, then this would be your cup of tea. You can expect to make about $71000 in this position.

Enterprise Application Administrator – This is an entry level technical position with minimal experience. If you are someone with excellent time management and coordination skills looking to progress your career as an application administrator this may be the job for you. In this role you can expect to earn a salary of about $69000.

Electrician Journeyman – This is an experienced job opening requiring specialized technical skills as an electrician. If you possess the necessary qualification and experience with a keen interest in being part of a growing organization, this could be your chance. The average pay for working in this role is expected to be $40.96 per hour.

Kansas City Power and Light Interview Questions

Preparing yourself for the interview day helps in how you perform on the big day, which in turn paves the way to whether you are able to land the job. After all it is all about first impressions.

How did you hear about this opening? This question is aimed at understanding how prospective candidates are hearing about company openings and which method is most effective. It is important for you to make a mental note of where you heard or read about the opening as this sends out a message about how you process and retain information.

Tell us about your skills that are best suited for this position? As a utility company with many openings requiring highly specialized technical skills the interviewer wants to know what past knowledge and experience you have that most closely align with the utility industry and the position you have applied for and how you can contribute to the role.

Why do you want to work for us? It is important to understand why the job is important to you, as most companies invest a lot in the whole interview process it is important for them to hire individuals who share the same visions as the company and would want to grow with the organization. Understanding the future goals of the company and aligning them with your personal goals would definitely help in acing the interview.

Why should we hire you? At this time the company wants to assess how you could contribute to the role in particular and the overall organization. It is best to answer by linking your past skills and experiences with the role applied for highlighting areas of superior performance for which you may have been awarded or recognized.

Do you have any questions for us? At this time it is your opportunity to show that you are interested in joining and contributing to the organization as soon as possible, questions that address this are best suited. Asking about company programs for employee growth and development can also be helpful in displaying your interest.

Advice for Application Process

If you decide to apply for the Kansas City Power and Light careers, you can apply through the free application form that can be accessed through their official website. Before applying be sure check all the requirements for the job confirming that you do indeed meet all qualifications and related experience.

On the day of the interview make sure to take with you all necessary documentation including your resume if required. Be sure to check where you have to go beforehand so you know how to get there on time. There is no worse deal breaker than arriving late for an interview. Give yourself ample time incase of traffic jams or unexpected delays.

Make sure to dress properly for the interview. During the interview process remain focused and interested. Understand the questions being asked before answering, nothing is worse than going off on a tangent and missing the point of the question being asked. Be confident and focus on how you can positively add to the role in particular and the company at large.

Last but not least have a positive outlook, no matter what the outcome of the interview. After the interview go over things that you could have done better for future reference if need be.
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