Just Sports Application & Careers


Just Sports has positioned itself as one of the best retailer in sports apparel & team gear. They partner with leading sports industry experts like Reebok, Nike, New Era and Adidas to supply these uniforms. Their clientele include teams in the sports leagues across the US e.g NBA, NCAA not forgetting teams in the NFL.

In 1985, Larry H. Miller found this sports-gear retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was not only the beginning of Just Sports, Inc., but also of a thriving-retail venue that would later grow to produce more than 121 retail outlets all across the US .

Since then it has hit major milestones by being the best retailer in sports apparel & team gear for major teams in the US. The company has also been licensed to supply sports apparel & team gear in the US which is quite a huge milestone.

Among the benefits they offer their employees include: a 401(K) Retirement plan, paid holidays in a year. Moreover they offer, Accident Insurance that corresponds with treatment for off-the-job accidental injuries including hospitalization, emergency treatment, intensive care, fractures, etc.

How old do you need to be to work at Just Sports?

In Just Sports, opportunities for advancement and personal-achievement are regularly offered. Job vacancies are posted at the time they become available. All eligible candidates must be 18 years old or older to apply.

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