Journeys Interview Questions

If you have a love for shoes, how they look, fit, and specific brands, you’re the perfect candidate for a position at Journey’s or Journey’s Kidz. The main positions of one of the retail stores are Store Manager, Store Supervisor, Sales Associate, Part Time Sales Associate, and Stock Associate. There are a few top Journey’s Interview Questions asked in interview that last about 30-60 minutes

Journey’s Interview Questions

Here are questions asked specifically in an interview for Journeys 

How well do you work in a team setting? Retail stores are all team settings, and you’ll rarely work alone. The interviewer needs to know if you’re capable working with a group.

How many hours are you looking to work per week? Unless you’re applying for a managerial position, this is more than likely for a part time position. They want to know how many hours you’ll work so they have freedom with the schedule. 

Are you able to work holidays and weekends? The holidays, weekends, and back to school season are the busiest times for malls, and they’ll need most of their associates at those peak times. 

Why should we hire you? Sell yourself. Do you feel you are the best for the job, explain why. They may have your application in hand, but only you can explain your work ethic. 

If you were a shoe, what brand/size/color would you be? This is a fun hypothetical question asked to not only show your imagination, but also your knowledge of the product. It sound simple but Journey’s is a shoe store, so you should know shoes. 

For Journey’s Kidz, do you satisfy the kid or the parent? In the kids’ store, you’ll encounter many children, obviously, and some will be easy and some will be difficult. Explain which opinion is most important and why. 

How do you greet a customer and sell to him/her? Give an example of greeting a customer and how you get them to buy a product. Use a specific experience from a previous job. 

What qualities do you have that the other interviewees may not have? This question may be uncomfortable and difficult to answer during a group interview, but it’s another chance to sell you. Why should they hire you over the person next to you?

The interview questions will vary, of course, but these are typically asked. Answer honestly and confidently.

Journey’s Interview Tips

Interviews for retail stores sometimes occur in a group setting. If it doesn’t take place inside they may lead you outside to a place such as the mall’s food court. Try not to get distracted by the outside surroundings. Food Courts, for example, are busy and loud. Focus on the questions being asked and the manager asking them.

If you’re interviewing for a position with Journey’s Kidz, let them know how you deal with children. A five year old, for example, may not do the actual purchasing, but you need to sell to the child and the parent. If you aren’t comfortable with children, you shouldn’t apply for a position for a store geared towards them.

For a manager or supervisor position, be sure to give details of your leadership experience. Provide examples of what your leadership did to improve a previous job, or use general customer service experience to demonstrate why you’re qualified to lead a team.

These Journey’s interview questions give you a general idea of how the meeting will proceed. Your main goal is to sell yourself and your ability. Each question is created to show that you’ll be a great sales associate.