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Jet’s Pizza is a pizza chain restaurant. Mainly, its stores are located in the eastern United States. However, there are a few restaurants in the mid south. They boast their square pizza to be their signature dish. They also offer many sides, salads, and subs. There are over 15 specialty pizzas and many opportunities to personalize them. They deliver and are available to order online. The company promises to value the contentment of its customers.
Jet’s Pizza was founded in 1978 in Michigan’s Sterling Heights. Eugene and John Jetts created the first restaurant. Over time, their success grew. They opened many more stores in and around Michigan. For fourteen years, they continued to grow the company. They then created Jet’s America with Jim and Jeff Galloway. Today, they still use the corporation Jet’s America. In 1990, they officially became a franchise.
Today, Jet’s Pizza has more than 350 locations. They are also the 12th largest US pizza chain. There are locations in 18 states, from Texas to Pennsylvania. They have received Reader’s Choice and Best of the Best awards. They have been listed as top franchise by many magazines. These magazines include Pizza Today and Entrepreneur Magazine. John Jetts believes that happiness is the key of Jet’s. He created the slogan: “Life is short. Eat better pizza.”
Jet’s Pizza does not publish employee benefits. The information is not publicly available. All restaurants are separate, so you need to contact them directly. If you are interested in finding out, contact the closest one.
Jet’s is a very professional corporation. Jobs require workers to have a high school diploma or more. Some jobs need certain college degrees or talents. Although, requirements change from job to job. However, employees speak very highly of it. Workers say the management is respectful and caring. In addition, their coworkers are dedicated and kind. The work there is a learning experience. They say that every worker is extremely hardworking.

Jet’s Pizza Application

Several of Jet’s Pizza stores are owned by franchise owners and are operated independently. This means that each store may have a slightly different application process.
If there is a store where you would like to work, it would be best to visit the store in person and speak with the manager to learn about open opportunities.

The employment section of the company claims that they are an equal opportunity employer. This means that all applicants are considered for employment without any biases based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

To get hired at a store, find a location near you and inquire about openings. If there is one ask about requirements and if you qualify ask for the application process and if you get an application form or if one can be downloaded from their site.

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