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A Japan Airlines application can be the start of an excellent employment opportunity. This company, previously known as Japan Airlines Co., Lda, was founded on the first of August of 1951, having a 100 million yen in capital. The present company has been established with 2 billion yen. Japan Airlines jobs online offer a great range of position to make part of this team.

The company’s values rest mostly on attitude, effort and ability. Being humble and honest, always being cheerful and positive, grasping matters simply, striving for perfection, pushing yourself to be better, leading by example, possessing true corage and aiming high are just a few of the mottos that make the company what it is and help achieve its goals.

Japan Airlines careers will imply having knowledge of what services are on offer. Domestic and International flights are available to the customer as is the JAL Mileage Bank. You will be able to find routes and timetables, domestic fares and in flight service information on the link bellow. All options will include an excellent service.

Applying for Japan Airlines jobs you need to be aware that you will be working in a mostly passenger oriented business where the right attitude is essential. Expect great service at the highest standards and dedication to the team. Colleagues around will discuss with you frankly always with your and the company’s best interest in mind.

Japan Airlines Careers

When looking to make a Japan Airlines application for a position you will find that there are many options available. Entry level customer jobs will require very good customer service skills as well as the ability to work in a highly pressured environment while maintaining your calm.

Other opportunities will require much more strict verification and qualifications. Often, training and extensive certification will be implied as the jobs will be more demanding and in high risk positions.

How old do you have to be to work at Japan Airlines? To work with this company you must be at least 18 years old. Other requirements may vary from job to job but customer service is key. Dedication, being hard working, perseverance and a love for travel are also important and will help set you apart from other applicants.

Within this industry there are a lot of benefits related with travel. Japan Airlines careers offer frequent travel, generous pay, free flights, healthcare, retirement plans, training programs, ongoing training and others depending on your position and how long you have been with the company.

The company works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some job opportunities may be more demanding than others when it comes to schedules. Before you apply for jobs at Japan Airlines, take into account the hours listed in the job description and be sure that they are not too demanding for you, as this could put passenger and yourself in danger.

Japan Airlines Job Descriptions

Customer Service Agent – The chief responsibilities of this position are welcoming travelers, reserving seats,  checking luggage, explaining boarding dealings, booking flights, and helping passengers aboard aircrafts. Computer skills and an assertive personality are a definite requirement. The salary for a position such as this is around $25000 per year as a starting point.

Flight Attendant – This occupation revolves around the passenger’s needs aboard the aircraft. It implies long and irregular schedules, and constant changing time zones. This requires adaptability, energy and dedication to the role at hand. There are also some particular specifications according to high and physical appearance that must be met. The pay for this job is around $35000 a year.

Ground Control Team Member – Manual labor is a big part of this job description. Loading and unloading aircrafts, refueling jets and operating ramps are just a few of the tasks you can expect. It is a physically demanding job and requires a great health and good physique. For a position such as this you can expect a salary of around $25000 per year, although it can be much higher.

Reservation Call Center Agent – This employee is responsible for assisting customers and travel agents on the phone, making and confirming flight reservations and answering any questions related to booking and the reservation itself. Must be flexible and have excellent communication and customer service skills. The salary for this job is around $10 per hour.

Japan Airlines Interview Questions

Being done with your Japan Airlines job application online, you must prepare yourself for the interview questions.

Why do you want to work for this company? This is a question meant to make you talk about the company. Show your interviewer all you know about it and the industry itself. Reference what made you want to choose this as a career.

Why should the company choose you? Focus on your best qualities and use feedback from previous positions to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Be confident when speaking to make the interviewer notice you.

How would you react to an angry passenger? A big part of most positions offered is dealing with customers. Explain your thought process and if possible use examples from previous jobs that you think might apply.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? It is important for the company to know that they can count on you. Show dedication and prepare a life plan that you can use to explain your goals when answering.

Do you enjoy travel? Traveling is a big part of what any job with this company will be. Talk about previous and future travels you intend to make. Speak of how you feel when traveling and why you like it.

Advice For Application Process

If you are thinking about how to apply for Japan Airlines online take into consideration that there is no printable application form or download application form. The link for Japan Airlines jobs is available at the bottom of the page. To make your free application you will need to submit your resume to the contact given in the job description.

To apply online through an application form or a printable application for Japan Airlines so all your applications will depend on your email. Make sure you right a good introduction of yourself and make the employer want to know more about what you can offer the company. Prepare your resume carefully and honestly.

Your online application will have to be through email but if you want to make a direct application stop by one of the company’s many locations and ask about possible jobs available. Be sure to pay special attention to your presentation and be cordial and polite. Being local to a branch and having knowhow about the company and its business may prove to be helpful.

When you apply for jobs at Japan Airlines you should not contact in hopes of getting a quick response. The large number of applications that the company receives when hiring makes it very hard to keep tabs on one single person. Wait for the response with the knowledge that you have made yourself stand out from the other applicants.
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