Jack In The Box Interview Questions

Fast food jobs are common and there are multiple places you can experience. They all offer different positions and shifts that can work around your personal schedule. The top positions available at Jack in the Box are Team Member, Team Leader, Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Area Coach. There are a few Jack in the Box interview questions asked while applying for these positions.

Top Jack in the Box Interview Questions

Listed are common questions you could be asked during the interview process.

What hours are you available? Fast food jobs are great for students since they offer multiple shifts. Many of them, including Jack in the Box, are open 24 hours, and having open or flexible availability is favorable.

Have you ever worked in a fast food restaurant? Companies would like to know if you have any experience in the food industry. Restaurants, fast food or otherwise, are a different atmosphere then a retail job. Experience isn’t always necessary, but it is a bonus.

Do you have management experience? If you are applying for Team Leader or a manager position, they will need to know that you’re capable of running a team of associates.

Do you have experience using a register or cash handling? Just as restaurant experience isn’t necessary, neither is register experience, but it is good to have. You will have access to cash, credit card numbers, and possibly the restaurant safe. The interviewer will need to feel as if they can trust you with money.

What are your hobbies? Your hobbies won’t determine if you get the job, but it does give the interviewer an idea of the kind of person you are, especially with students. They would like to know what interests you and how you use your spare time.

Are you looking to move up within a company? People don’t generally go into jobs, such as working at a place like Jack in the Box, looking for permanent positions. However, these companies give management, and that could lead to larger positions. If you’re interested, let them know.

Describe a situation where you’ve worked with a team? With any job you will need to work with a team, but with fast food jobs, positions are all connected.  If there is any conflict, your company should feel that you could work well with others. Also, that you can confront someone in a professional manner if needed.

If a customer says/does _______________, how would you handle this situation? Hypothetical questions put you on the spot, which is exactly what would happen while working. This is a test to see if you can handle working under pressure and solve problems without always needing a manager present.

These are just a few examples of how your interview will be performed. Always remember to give clear and straight answers.

Jack in the Box Interview Tips

Common trends with many jobs nowadays are phone interviews, and Jack in the Box is known to use it. It may seem difficult to show your personality over the phone, but here is a tip. Smiling while talking helps add enthusiasm to your voice. You don’t want to sound monotonous on the phone because part of your job will be the drive-thru. Would you sound monotonous to a customer?

During a face-to-face interview, once again, use your smile. If you appear as if you wish to be somewhere else, you won’t get the job. No company wants to hire someone that is there to be there. Also, ask questions about training, the shifts you make work, uniform/dress code, etc. Yur answers to the questions let them know if you’re qualified, but so does how they’re answered.

Lastly, follow up after the interview. Give them a couple of days, as you may not be the only person interviewed, but contact the restaurant to see how things went. It will let them know that you want the job.

These eight Jack in the Box interview questions may not be exactly what you hear in an interview, but it gives a general idea of what you’ll experience. If you are interested, and you take the time to interview, remain confident and show that they’ll need you.