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iQor is a business outsourcing company based in St. Petersburg, in the United States. It is one of the largest companies in the outsourcing and company support industry. The business employs over 32,000 employees to conduct its operations.

Having been founded in the year 1998, it has quickly expanded its business to become one of the industry leaders in the provision of business outsourcing. It was formerly known as IntelliRis Management Corporation. The name was only changed in the year 2007 to what it’s currently called, iQor.

The primary services being offered by the company are business outsourcing and support related. These include debt/inventories management, customer care services, business intelligence, and order processing among others. These services are offered to companies in a very wide range of sectors.

The Hartmut Liebel – led organization places a high degree of focus on providing quality products using the most efficient processes and at the same time taking care of its people’s welfare. iQor operates in more than 16 countries around the world including the US, Canada, China, Turkey, Netherlands, England among others.

The company’s achievements and contributions have been recognized in the recent past. In 2014, it was selected as a finalist in the American Business Awards. Likewise, iQor was voted as a finalist for the Call Center Week’s Excellence Awards. This was in honor of the company’s commitment to service excellence.

iQor Interview Questions

What experience do you have in this field? Experience can come off in many forms. It could be a set of unique skills and abilities that one has acquired along the way and that are vital in helping one maneuver their career. It could also be the work experiences one has accumulated over time from working with various other organizations and companies with respect to their career. Be straight to the point and candid.

If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? If you honestly feel like you would retire if you had enough money, don’t be shy to speak up. And give a valid reason as to why you would. Either you feel like you have exploited your stay in that particular field of career. However, if you wouldn’t retire, say so.

If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for? Describe looking for someone that portrays the same qualities you have. Someone that has as much work experience as you do, the same qualifications as you, the same motivation to work as your own. This is to prevent selling out the idea to them that there could be someone else with better chances at this job than you.

What are you looking for in a job? Based on your philosophy towards work, you can be able to tell what you look for in a job. You are looking for a job that motivates and inspires you to get better and better at it, and as an individual, each passing day. Therefore talk about pursuing a career that meets your passion as well as offers you the kind of financial stability you seek in your life.

What have you done to improve your knowledge in the past year? Knowledge is power, they say. In such a diverse and fast-evolving world, one must always strive to be knowledgeable about concepts that interest them. There are many ways to acquire knowledge, the most common and widespread being through the art of reading-books, blogs, journals. Travelling is also another way to gain exposure and learn about the world. Attending various seminars and conferences pertaining your career and other topics that might be of interest to you is another way to acquire knowledge. So be up front in expounding on the aforementioned ways that you have used to ensure you remain knowledgeable.

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