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Everyone has an electrical need, Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL) fills that need for those in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. With locations throughout Indiana as well as Hawaii, California, and Ohio this company has a large customer base. On their website they admit they’re serving 480,000 members of the community and businesses.  You can find out more about Indianapolis Power and Light application forms and processes at the link below.

Through one of their various About Us tabs you can find a wealth of information. They list their five main values, their viewpoints on political issues in relation to performance, leadership and staff, and a history from merger evolving into current company among many more subtopics. IPL wants the consumer feeling secure in their decision, so they provide you with as much information as possible.

In 1926 two lighting and heating companies joined forces with serving the public in mind. Headquartered in Monument Circe the company has grown since first merging. In 2000 AES Corporation purchased IPL. Since then it has become their largest utility, even though they own seven other companies involved in power and electric industry.

Founded in 1981, AES Corporation started with energy in mind. Originally called Applied Energy Services being used as a consultation form they decided to change their goals only 10 years after starting. When the company changed their name and went public their expansion sky rocketed. Power plants aren’t their only source of power though, they also hold 2 wind power facilities.

Indianapolis Power and Light Careers

Similar to other utility providers Indianapolis Power and Light careers are divided into field or corporate work. At headquarters job opportunities are slim. Most members of the headquarters staff are invaluable to operations or have incredible qualifications. Even though there are branches of IPL in other states the likelihood of an employment possibility is small.

Jobs in field or technical work are more easily available. While there is no printable application form available for these positions their online application link has instructions for giving them your resume. Without a printable application for Indianapolis Power and Light it can be difficult to apply online unless you’ll be at a home computer or have a saved copy of your resume for uploading.

How old do you have to be to work at Indianapolis Power and Light? IPL does not have age restrictions on their website, but being the kind of corporation they are the minimum age is 18. They offer internships and training, which make such a low age possible. With experience the age changes to 20, ensuring career training or knowledge some of the basic responsibilities are available.

Prior to interview consideration you will need to show the ability to follow directions. They have six specific rules that are posted in bold lettering before the list of positions they are hiring for. Direct application for each position is the only option, however if you are looking to apply online to more than one position you will be sending in multiple copies of your resume.

Indianapolis Power and Light Job Descriptions

Chief Executive Officer – Indianapolis Power and Light jobs does not have a posting for this position at the moment. However it is possible to have an opening at any time. Handling the entire company comes with an extensive work load. You’ll look over spending, employees, pricing, productivity, and many other areas. While others will do most of the work you will be responsible for checking their work.

Secretary – Each corporation has a staff of secretaries to handle small issues or intercompany affairs. A minimum typing speed of 60 WPM, high school diploma, and interpersonal skills are a must for gaining this position. Careers in this area can build lasting bonds, offer good benefits, and can provide a decent salary with bonuses. Hours can vary depending on how you work so being local is a huge plus.

Laboratory Technician – This position requires a proficiency in high school math and sciences, although a diploma is not required, as well as two and a half years in a lab situation. You will need to take tests and prove skill prior to being a viable option for this career. Although it is a free application opportunity unless you have electronic copies of the required information you could end up paying for faxing.

Station Helper Sr. – According to the job description, this position is location selective and has limited time for applications. On the job description page it states that this is for those already working in Petersburg. Tests and a diploma or GED are listed among requirement that must be met to be considered for the position. Duties will include assisting more experienced co-workers or keeping up with semi manual labor while upholding safety rules.

Indianapolis Power and Light Interview Questions

Big corporations have limited positions because of lasting company bonds, these questions look to find the best possible person for each position.

How much experience do you have in this area of the industry? The Indianapolis Power and Light application, since it isn’t an application at all but a resume will tell them about some of your experience. Telling them in your own words about how much you know, including anything you might have missed could help you look better in the eyes of the hiring official.

Can you tell me about yourself, what kind of person are you? Listed among their values are honor and integrity. They want their employees to hold the same values as they do, since you will be representing them in public. Tell them honestly about you views, hopes, or values.

Why do you want to work for IPL? Each company is curious as to what makes you feel they are a good fit for you. Do some asking around or research about employees, both current and former to tell them your interpretation of them.

Can you list three questions you have for me? Questions asked by you show that you have looked into the company but have found something you like but don’t know enough about. Scan through their website or pages about them to find information that interests you but can be expanded.

What did you think about how to apply for Indianapolis Power and Light online? Since it is impossible to download application forms, or even find a printable version they want to know about efficiency. Each position as an application deadline which could pose a challenge that you can bring up to improve company efficiency.

Advice for Application Process

As visible on Indianapolis Power and Light jobs online there is no application form to fill out. All positions are test and resume based, making it impossible to walk in with the purpose of looking to apply for jobs at Indianapolis Power and Light. Hard copies of questionnaires and data sheets can be faxed in, but resumes are sent online with contact information. Calling ahead is also necessary for application

Attire for an interview would be strictly professional. Come dressed to impress while also being approachable. Refrain from having any facial hair, tattoos, or facial piercings in, as these would most likely present an image issue. Look over and discuss the policies on uniform or attire and appearance with someone currently employed with them if possible to ensure no miscommunication.

Each job posting has time restrictions for applying. A posting can be up for a week or a few days, however once that specific posting is taken down the chance at the position is lost. Their job overview page tells you not to call about applications, although you are able to check an application’s progress online. Check their listings frequently to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity.

Have a hard copy of your resume with you, in case it should come up. Providing a hard copy of your own helps you show them specific items listed among experience or credentials while answering questions. Bringing two copies, with one as a backup is always best. Being over prepared can show the interviewer that you have a high desire to be employed by them.
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