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The history IBM Company starts way back in 1911 in Endicott in America. it began as Computing tabulating recording company commonly referred to as CTR before growing to become International Business Machines Cooperation IBM in 1924.

IBM has grown to be an international company that is leading in marketing of computer hardware and software accessories with its headquarters in New York. They also do technological consulting and offering solutions to modern technological problems.

IBM has over 430,000 dedicated employees all over the world and is ranked by fortune as the second largest company. Their distinctive style and focus to achievement has been attributed to one of their CEO Thomas J Watson who died in 1956 with a legacy of great achievements

It has several research labs that are spread all over the globe. The research labs have been used as a tool to patent many technological innovations and ideas. This has in turn earned this company many international awards.

IBM is responsible for many technological tools that are currently being used all over the globe. The automated teller machine, Universal Product Code, magnetic strip cards, floppy disk and the hard disk drive are just some of the many inventions that have been made by this company.

IBM Interview Questions

How would you be an asset to this organization? You should always be eager for this question and have given a pre-thought. State your best points that relate to the job you are applying and how they will benefit the company.

What traits do you look in a boss? Explain the best qualities of a leader, be positive and inclusive outline some few qualities that are friendly like, principled, humbled, and has a sense of humor, determined, coordinator, loyal, fair etc. smile if you have to since this is what you would really want in a leader.

Tell us what you know about this organization? This particular question has great magnitude so be careful when answering it. Research is very essential here, let the goals of the company, the major players, current issues and where the organization is headed be in your knowledge, moreover have a brief history of the company since its beginning.

It is your turn to ask questions do you have any for me? They say a good leader is one who asks questions. Always have a few questions in mind for the interviewer for instance how you will be a liability to the organization in position and about the projects you will be assigned.

Tell us why you think you are perfect for this job? This is where the jackpot lies; outline the numerous reasons why they should hire you and why you are an asset to their company. The previous experiences and promotions that you have had make sure there is none that you have left behind. Beware never to compare yourself with anyone for that matter.

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