Hollister Application & Careers

Hollister Co. is a So-Cal inspired clothing brand located throughout the United States and has expanded to several countries. The brand specializes in clothing that has a low price point, fragrances, and accessories for teens.

It was founded and owned by the clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch. They first opened their doors at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio back in July 27, 2000.

The brand has over 400 stores in the United States, 12 in Canada, and several more stores across the globe. They have over 65,000 employees worldwide. They are also known for emphasizing diversity in their company and customers.

The employees are given benefits such as 50% discounts, job training, reduced or flexible times, 401k option with company matched contributions after a year of full time service, health insurances, and healthcare options.

Hollister Co. promotes diversity and embraces many cultures and differences. Here, the employees are given a great work atmosphere and a program that teaches them skills that they need to know in order to work well.

How old do you have to be to work at Hollister Co.?

Hollister Co. offers part-time and full-time job opportunities for interested applicants that are at least 16 years of age with an outgoing and energetic personality and a passion for fashion.

Hollister Co. Careers

There are many opportunities in store for interested hopefuls who wish to work in Hollister. The brand is looking for bright and trustworthy individuals who can fulfill the duties given to each position. Some of the job openings are listed below. 

Cashiers: The cashier tackles on the huge responsibility of handling the store’s money. They are also responsible for transacting with the customers while making a purchase. They keep the store’s money safe and are expected to responsibly make the correct transactions with their customers.

Sales associates: The sales associate assists the customers from selecting items to transactions. They provide the customer information on the products and encourage them to buy one of their quality products. The sales associate is expected to make a customer feel welcome and to help them throughout their shopping to give them the best shopping experience.

Models:  The models are the face of the brand. They represent the brand’s products and wear them proudly. They set the trend and promote the brand’s products in a way which the customers would look up to them and are encouraged to buy the products they wear.

Assistant Managers: Assistant Managers assist the Managers in leading the store team and overseeing the store. At times when the managers are not around, the assistant managers overtake the responsibilities of the store manager. They are not only expected to be great leaders but also to help in maintaining the shop’s order and service.

Store Managers: Responsible for the store’s everyday operations, the store manager leads the team and oversees the shop. They are responsible for taking in the customers’ and employees’ complaints and reporting those to the higher authorities. They are also responsible for maintaining the shop’s order.

Merchandise Planners: Merchandise planners are responsible for the store’s items and inventory, ensuring that everything is in the right place at the right time. They’re in charge of dealing with the suppliers. They also take note of the store’s stocks to make sure they have the adequate amount of products every day.

Designers: The designers are the people behind the store’s quality products. They create the clothes that are the highlight of the brand. They carefully plan and form the exquisite and trendy items that the customers will love. They’re expected to generate amazing creations that will capture the customers’ eyes.

Recruiters: They are the ones who enroll hopeful applicants to be part of the brand’s team. The recruiters are responsible for scrutinizing and testing the applicants whether they pass the standards of the store or they got what it takes to be part of the company.

Help Desk Specialists: The Help Desk Specialists focuses on dealing with customer satisfaction. They ensure that the customers will be happy with their transactions with the store. They do their best to give them the support that they need and they help maintain the customer’s relationship with the company as well.

Quality Assurance Analysts: Quality Assurance Analysts test the products that the company produces. They meticulously look, observe and try on the various clothes they produce and review them. They tell what’s wrong and the improvements the products need. They also pick out any damaged or faulty products to ensure that customers get the best.

Hollister Co. Application

Go to the nearest Hollister Co. branch and inquire about their job openings. Fill out the necessary forms and applicants will be contacted for their scheduled interview.

Online and in-store applications are available. For online applications, check out the company website for details. In-store applications are also available. Visit any of their stores to make inquiry of their job openings.

Applicants must make sure to gather all the info they need before filling up their resume. They must not leave anything out. They must provide them with all the necessary information being asked for in the application forms.

Applicants must make sure they have the necessary details, emphasize their strengths and pay attention to their grammar and spelling since the recruiters always review them. They should highlight their experiences, education and qualifications.

During interviews, applicants will be interviewed with a group of other hopefuls. They must be presentable. They must showcase a very energetic and pleasing personality to impress the recruiters.

Things To Know About Hollister Co.

Hollister Co. embraces diversity. They welcome each person’s differences and cultures and respect them. Their staff is a diverse group of people around the world and they aim to have a diverse culture which will benefit each other’s perspective.

In 2017, the company has remodeled 65 of their stores and they’ll also be completing 40 more stores, making them more accessible for customers. They’ve also given more importance to customer interaction and they’ve opened their Anti-Bullying scholarship in 2018.

The Company is known for their Southern California inspired apparel. These are especially made for teenagers. They are also known for their stores having a laidback youthful vibe and friendly staff.

They’ve established a campaign that supports Anti-Bullying through scholarships and they also uphold human rights and diversity. They ensure that their products are made in safe and responsible facilities, and partner with suppliers that obey local laws.

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