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Hershey Park is one of the best amusement parks for the family in Pennsylvania. It has over sixty rides that make it perfect for people of all ages. These include water rides, roller coaster and family rides.

Hershey Park opens throughout the months of June July and August .However it only opens for a few days in May and September. The best times for fun in this park are during Halloween in October and Christmas in December. The charges are fair because they usually include Zoo America entrance.

Summer months usually has many tourists visiting this park to the extent that it becomes overcrowded. Unless one is visiting for Halloween and Christmas, May and December are the best months to visit this park. This helps one to avoid the heat and the crowd.

The charges may be varied depending on the time of the year that you are visiting. This is especially to do with travelling and lodging. The early and late months of the year are usually cheaper as compared to the rest.

Hotel Hershey has a spa where everyone can go and relax. The kids have their own club for fun. They also have a spectacular chocolate world especially for kids where they can see how chocolate is made and packaged.

Hersheypark Interview Questions

Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others: give an example of when you were sought to bring the calm in the middle of a storm at your place of work. Give details of how the dispute arose, and what criteria you used to stop it from further happening. The interviewer is simply looking for insight into your problem solving skills. Be sure to make the moment count.

Do your skills match this job or another job more closely? The best way to approach this is to emphasize that your skills perfectly match this specific job, in as much as they may match another one. By using this approach, you are not tying yourself out of being assigned different prospects in future, if you happen to get the job.

Do you think you are overqualified for this position? If you feel like there is more to your qualifications that you did not get the chance to expound on earlier, this is when you do so. However, make it known that you are comfortable starting with the current position and who knows if later you will be promoted. The thing is, there is nothing like over qualification, it is what you chose to do with what you have at hand that matters.

Have you ever had to fire anyone? How did you feel about that? Be honest if you have or haven’t fired anyone before. If you fired someone and felt bad about it, let it be known.do not however make it seem like you are in a habit of letting your emotions mix up with the way you carry out your official duties. If you have fired someone before and felt no remorse for it, also let it be known. You however don’t want them thinking you are a heartless individual who enjoys having people fired. There must have been a solid explanation for that one instance. Bottom line, everything you do is for the good of the organization.

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