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Being employed in the field of heavy machinery is a big responsibility. As an operator, you need to be sure of all the safety regulations put forth by the state or company that you work in. This is to keep yourself and the people around you safe. There is also a huge responsibility for the staff that manufactures and maintains these types of equipment to ensure everyone’s safety.

There are a variety of different positions available within this industry. It is not necessary to be a mechanic or an operator to gain employment here. There are needs for office workers and other types of employees of a variety of different talents. A good thing about this career field is that most positions do not require a particular level of education, opening up positions for people with only a diploma from high school.

These jobs can be very physically demanding, and requires a lot of on the job training. If you want to work hard and work with heavy machinery, than this is a perfect job opportunity for you. If you want a fast paced career or are looking for a career as a mechanic or engineer, there are places here for you as well.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities that you can find within this industry:

Heavy Equipment Operator: These operators control the heavy machinery, including driving and maneuvering them around obstacles. There is heavy lifting required, of at least 50lbs. They will work in all types of weather conditions in this position. They often operate equipment like tractors, bulldozers, excavators and other similar machines. They must be able to do so in a safe manner, in accordance to company policies. They should inspect their machinery to ensure everything is maintained so they can be sure of everyone’s safety while on the job. They need to follow the tasks that were given to them, and work as a team with other workers. They must comply with operation manuals and other training. The operator will have to keep up to date with their training so they know all of the current safety information. They need to complete all OSHA training and will often be required to have first aid and CPR certifications for in case something goes wrong out in the field. They need a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record. The operator must have all necessary certifications. An operator will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. An operator can earn around $19 per hour.

Technician: A technician is primarily responsible for diagnosing problems and maintaining the equipment. They will need to complete all work as efficiently as possible. They should be able to diagnose a problem by inspecting the equipment and troubleshoot anything that they have the ability to. This sometimes means going out in the field to jobsites to repair machines. They might have to order the proper parts if none are in stock, in case something needs to be repaired or replaced. They will be able to determine all necessary repairs during routine maintenance or inspections and fix the problems. They need to know how to use diagnostic equipment to discover problems. They must know how to weld and fabricate so they can repair any issues. They must complete the work orders in a timely fashion. The technician will test out machinery to ensure that the repairs had fixed the problem. As a result, it is necessary that a person in this field have all the certifications that the operators have so they are able to properly operate the equipment. The technician should have previous experience in this field, around 5 years. It is preferred that a person in this field have a high school diploma or equivalent. A technician can earn around $19 per hour.

Sales Representative: Operators would not have their positions if someone did not buy that equipment to begin with. A sales representative will sell heavy machinery to clients so they can continue with their business. They are responsible for keeping in contact with the parts and service managers within their companies so that they are able to accurately quote prices to interested clients. They have to keep in constant contact with current clients, as well as work to gain new ones. They must be informed so that they could accurately give their client information on things like how long it takes to deliver products and receiving payment for purchases. They must also be on top of past due accounts to ensure payment is made. The sales person will take orders and ensure everything is delivered on top in accordance with their customer’s wishes. A high school diploma is required, but it is preferred that you have a college degree for this position. A sales rep can earn around $14 per hour.

Account Manager: The account manager must have previous sales experience within this industry. They should have excellent knowledge of the services and products their company offers so that they can properly bid on jobs and analyze the customer’s needs. They should have excellent customer service skills to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with their heavy equipment that they had ordered. There might be a need for heavy lifting of items up to 50lbs. They should have excellent computer skills so that they can keep track of records and sales in an efficient manner. They will be responsible for keeping their company’s clients are always happy with their services. They should have a great relationship with their clients, and be able to travel to job sites to help clients figure out the right equipment that is needed to finish the job. An account manager must have a valid driver’s license and have a clean driving record. A high school diploma is required but college experience is preferred. An account manager can earn around $15 per hour, plus commission.

Job Outlook

The job outlook in this field is estimated to be around 19%. This is much faster than the estimated 11% average across other industries in the nation. This can be as a result of more money being put into infrastructure, which generates a lot of jobs in the heavy equipment industry.

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