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Guess is a popular American clothing line and retail store franchiser. Besides apparel for men and women, Guess also sells other fashion accessories such as watches, jewelry, shoes, and perfumes and colognes.

Guess was started way back in 1981, but back then it was a style book by Georges Marciano. Later, Georges would get the help of his brother Maurice to help with product development for the budding company, and soon after he would also recruit his other brothers Armand and Paul into the company for distribution and advertising, respectively.

In 1993, Georges Marciano sold his shares of the business to his brothers, and he would then use that money to start his own clothing company years later.

Today, Guess has more than 1,600 stores worldwide. The company directly operates more than 900 of these stores, which include concessions in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world. The other remaining stores are headed by the licensees and distributors.

Once an employee is eligible for health insurance, Guess would provide comprehensive dental, vision, and life plans. After a year of working with the company, the employee can start setting up a 401(k) retirement plan with the company, and he is also eligible to purchase company stocks. Other perks include paid maternity and paternity leaves, vacation and paid time off, and they also enjoy huge employee discounts and performance bonuses.

How old do you have to be to work at GUESS?

To qualify for the application process in Guess, the individual must have a high school diploma or a GED, and must be at least 18 years old. These qualifications are for the entry-level positions.

GUESS Careers

There are plenty of career opportunities in Guess, both in the company’s retail outlets and in corporate. Here are some of the positions that you can apply for:

Sales Associate: This position is responsible for delivering only the best customer experience and maintain the store’s high standards. Other duties of the sales associate include, but are not limited to, housekeeping, visual presentations, etc.

Stock Associate: The stock associate’s responsibilities include receiving, unpacking, and preparing store merchandise. He/she is also responsible for organizing, maintaining, and housekeeping of the store’s stock room.

Allocation Analyst: The allocation analyst’s main job is managing and optimizing the inventory of the store to drive more sales, and improve overall store performance.

Graphic Designer: This position is responsible for coming up with artwork and logo-centric graphics as needed by the design team. This includes various iterations of the iconic company logo.

Store Manager: The store manager is responsible for increasing and maintaining the sales performance of his/her respective branch. The store manager needs to focus primarily on the customer satisfaction, keeping up with the merchandising standards, and focusing on the growth and profitability of his/her store.

Planner: The planner is responsible for developing, planning, executing, and communicating product strategies and other assorted methods to meet the company’s financial goals, and hopefully exceed them as well. Planners work closely with purchasing and allocation in coming up with financial strategies that will help the company grow.

Desk Associate: These people are responsible for keeping customers satisfied over the phone or through online means. These people are the ones that customers talk to when they have complaints about the products they bought, and they are tasked with the responsibility of coming up with a solution that benefits both parties.

Assistant Store Manager: The assistant manager’s duties include overseeing customer experience, providing training for the store staff, and leading by example on the selling floor by giving the best customer service possible.

Assistant Buyer: The assistant buyer must obtain a general understanding of all the functions of the Buyer, which includes the interdependencies between the production, planning, and distribution sections. The assistant buyer must participate in inter-departmental meetings and must be familiar with the tools and terminologies related to the Buying process to help the Buying team.

Help Desk Support: This position is responsible for providing technical support to all the store branches. They are tasked with manning the Help Desk Support Line and provide solutions to the problems of the callers, log all calls, record the issues and the actions they took to solve them, and other related duties.

GUESS Application

You can find out about the many different job openings and also apply for them via the Guess online application page. Just browse the list of available jobs, and then click on “Apply to Job” and follow the rest of the instructions.

Although some stores do accept walk-in applications, it is advisable that you go through the online route. Not only is this much more efficient, it also ensures that your application actually gets passed on to the hiring team.

Even though it is not required, having a cover letter attached to your resume will show HR that you are serious about applying for the job.

You don’t need to submit a lengthy resume, in fact, you shouldn’t. Your resume should only include information about yourself that is relevant to the job your are applying for. So don’t list down all of the lectures and seminars that you have attended, just the ones that you think is related to the position you are applying for.

If you already own a couple of pieces of Guess merchandise, you should wear them during your interview. If not, you should at least try to mimic what the employees are wearing, this will subtly tell the interviewer that you are all about the brand.

Things To Know About GUESS

A typical day at any Guess store is quite relaxed. The staff needs to communicate with each other to further help their customers, so you will find that retail workers are quite friendly with each other. It can also be fun to interact with customers and help them find whatever it is they are looking for in the store.

Georges Marciano, decades after selling his shares in the company he started, has returned to the fashion world with his own clothing line, GM-Georges Marciano. Helping Marciano with this project is his son Scott Marciano, and his former design liaison, Angela Furlong.

All throughout the 1980s, Guess was the most popular brand of jeans, and it was the first company to ever come out with the concept of designer jeans. Although the first line of Guess jeans were for women, their men’s line debuted just a couple of years after. In the middle of the 80s, Guess started its own accessories line, starting with designer watches. Around the same time, Guess branched out and introduced its own brand of baby clothes called “Baby Guess”.

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