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The internationally recognized search engine Google began as the brainchild of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were set on finding a way for people to find information faster, essentially by organizing the web. Their company went through many phases before becoming the household name it is today. Originally a search engine called BackRub, Google officially came to be in 1998, thanks to some needed financial backing.

The success of the company could in part be attributed to the alternative structure of the workplace. Google prides itself on maintaining an open channel of communication, allowing for a shared space of opinions, contributions, ideas, and conversation among employees.

The web-based company strives to be an innovator in technologies that will help businesses and consumers alike. In essence, the search engine’s goal is to provide users with a smart resource that can take you to the information you need as efficiently as possible. One program launched in 2000, called AdWords, allows businesses to easily promote their company online, maximizing their ad exposure potentials and helping consumers find professional services quicker.

The array of Google offspring services has expanded exponentially since the company’s foundation. It has grown from a simple search engine, to a web browser, an email platform, a mapping and navigation application, the list goes on. The company has remained relevant by extending their many products to be featured on mobile devices as well as home desktops. The all-encompassing facilities of the company have remained true to and exceeded its original mission.

Google Interview Questions

If you were financially stable enough to retire, would you consider it? Be completely honest with your answer. You want to give your interviewer a sense of assurance and security. But if your answer is yes, be honest about it, but highlight that you would be happy to work if your services were required.

Do you think your qualifications are too high for this type of employment? Don’t necessarily say yes. Nobody wants an employee with a stroked ego. Instead say how your qualifications would best match the job description that you are applying for and make sure to mention examples on why this is.

Are your skills similar to this job description or other jobs that you had applied for? Mention how your skills fit perfectly to the job that you are applying for and then mention specific situations when your skills would apply to this specific job. Be as specific as you can possibly be with your answers.

How would you know that you are doing well in your current job? Mention details how certain goals would be met at allotted time periods. Say how your co-workers would praise you or seek advice from you. But the number one way to discern if you are doing good in a job is by your success rate and the words of praise given to you by your boss.

What knowledge do you have that could be used in this employment? If you do not have much or no knowledge about the job or area of expertise that you are applying for, list and knowledge or qualities that you feel would benefit the company in the future. Make sure to demonstrate or explain how these qualities would increase company productivity.

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