Golden Corral Interview Questions

Golden Corral ApplicationAll you can eat restaurants are great for families, especially if you just don’t feel like cooking. If that’s the type of atmosphere you feel comfortable in, you’re perfect for a job with Golden Corral. Positions include Servers, Cashier, Kitchen Staff, Host/Hostess, and Manager. These are a few top interview questions to know before going in.

Golden Corral Interview Questions

Here are questions usually asked when interviewing with Golden Corral.

Why do you want to work there? Talk about the restaurant itself, the staff you encountered, and of course, the food. Sell the restaurant within your answer. 

Do you have experience in the food industry? Name the places you’ve worked and how that experience will be helpful. Assuming you lack experience, name other experience that will help you. 

What was the worse encounter you had with a customer? Describe a previous experience with an angry customer, the steps you took to resolve the situation, the outcome, and what you learned. 

How has being in this business affected your family life? Talk about how you’re able to balance work and your personal life. If you need a specific schedule, say so. 

What would you change about yourself? Changes you’d make should be little things that tie into working with Golden Corral and how they’ll help. 

What expectations do you have of our company? Tell them what you hope to learn from the company and also the management to help you in future endeavors. 

What would you do if one server accused another one of stealing tips? Assuming this is an issue discussed at an older job, discuss who you would go to about the situation in management. 

Are you available to work nights and/or weekends? They look for people open on weekends and nights because that’s when they are the busiest. Hopefully if you applied, you are free for those shifts.

The questions may vary depending on the restaurant, but these are the ones you’ll normally hear.

Interview Tips

Interviews are usually in a one on one format, except for managerial candidates. Those are more thorough and have many steps. Questions will revolve around skills and experience, and overall how you function in a restaurant setting. Prior knowledge of the company is also helpful, so do your research before the interview.

Dress professionally for your interview. A suit isn’t necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt, either. A previous interviewee suggests black slacks and a nice button down and/or blouse, and don’t wear sneakers. Speak clearly throughout the interview and have good posture. Answer each question confidently, and always wear a smile.

There is no need to overcompensate with your answers. Don’t go off topic and avoid rambling. If they ask a yes or no question, your follow up doesn’t have to be overly extensive. Try to avoid fidgeting and looking around. Keep eye contact with the interviewer and speak up.

These top interview questions are pretty standard for most interviews, so study them. However, don’t sound too rehearsed when answering.