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GMC found its beginnings at the turn of the twentieth century, when it was known as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Founded by the Grabowsky brothers, the company debuted their first Detroit-built, two cylinder truck in 1902. The company then reincarnated into the Reliance Motor Company, which would soon be purchased by W. C. Durant and sheltered under General Motors.

General Motors made its debut in the automobile industry in 1908 after its founder successfully became the lead manufacturer of horse-drawn transportation. In its first twenty years of business the corporation would obtain more than twenty companies.

As America faced political and economic unrest during the Second World War, the mother company of GMC took a firm stance in support of their nation’s efforts, supplying American forces and their allies with more product than any other company reaching a valued twelve billion dollars in donations. The influence General Motors’ support made led President Roosevelt to name the then president of General Motors the Chairman of Wartime Office Production Management. During this time, GMC paused production of civilian trucks to focus on producing nearly over a half of a million army trucks featuring an innovative engine that would come to be known as the “workhorse” engine of Army trucks.

Reliable, powerful engines are still a famous selling point for the automobile manufacturer.  GMC has continuously been awarded for performance and customer satisfaction. The 2014 Terrain was awarded “Highest Ranked Compact SUV in Initial Quality” by J.D. Power and Associates and the 2015 has been named AutoWeek’s “Best of the Best Truck” to name a few.

GMC Interview Questions

What is your fantasy job? This is a type of a trick question, a dream job is an oxymoron. It would simply be called doing something that you love to do. Dance around the question by explaining the dream atmosphere you would like to work in such as nice people, somewhere you are appreciated and love waking up to go to work.  Do not try to suck up to interviewer by saying that job is your fantasy job or another one as you are ruining your credibility and making it seem as if you don’t like that position.

What has been your worst professional failure? The best experiences and lessons come from failures, make sure you describe the failure in a way that it doesn’t all look like your fault and that it was something that you had to learn to never let happen again and makes you a better employee and person in the present moment. Stand behind your mistake and don’t get upset speaking about it, everyone makes them but it takes some guts to admit it to someone. It also shows you are honest.

Are there any other jobs that you are applying for currently? Honesty is crucial here and even if the answer is yes, bring attention that this job is important to you, thus being why you are there and trying to get the position. Focus on the company at hand and state that this job is a priority.

What is your strongest attribute? There is a very long list of strengths you can list in this scenario. Knowing some that describe you well is a good way to be prepared for this. This is another question that sets you up to make yourself look good without seeming arrogant. Try to pick strengths that are related to the position at hand, for example, if a management role you can say you are a good leader and work well under pressure. Use an advanced vocabulary instead of simplistic words that devalue the strong attribute you are explaining. Whenever speaking about yourself, your body language should match what you are saying. Be confident in what you are saying, if you don’t believe it, don’t expect someone who doesn’t know you to.

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