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Gander Outdoors is a retail store that caters to outdoor necessities for nature enthusiasts. Fishing, camping, cycling, hunting, boating, and outdoor body gears are available in their stores.

Previously known as Gander Mountain, it started in 1960 as a catalog-based supplier in Wilmot, Wisconsin, which is found near Gander Mountain in Lake County, Illinois. The current CEO is the entrepreneur and celebrity, Marcus Lemonis.

The store is considered as the largest chain of outdoor specialty store back in March 2017 with 162 branches in 27 regions. But by May 2017, the branch count went to 70 due to financial problems.

Benefits of the employees include 20% Discount on all products (except guns), and the basic sustenance such as paid time offs, doubling during holidays, and health insurance.

The well compensated employees who are properly serving the consumers, is one of the many factors of this company why it is standing still amidst all the trials of the past few years.

How old do you have to be to work at Gander Outdoors?

Considering the fact that the store also caters to gun enthusiasts, applicants must be of legal age to be able to work here. Minimum age is 17, but certain jobs require older than that.

Gander Outdoors Careers

If you love outdoors, conversing with people of the same adventurous taste, and helping out people who want to have a kick start of out-of-town journeys, getting in Gander Outdoors is the one for you.

Sales Associate: The Sales Associate is accountable for helping patrons in choosing their needs, also endorsing merchandises that meet a customer’s necessities for their outdoor voyage through inquiring, listening, commending resolutions and boosting deals. Applicants must have a High School Diploma.

Customer Service Associate: The Customer Service Associate is accountable for presenting a positive image of the company to patrons and retaining the marketing criteria at the front end. He is also required to be knowledgeable about Gander Outdoors’ goods and the outdoor lifestyle for better customer service.

Product Specialist: The Product Specialist has to be an expert in his assigned category so he can attend to the needs of the customers and at the same time, advertising the products. The Product Specialist is also tasked to guide finance members on merchandise familiarity. Two or more years of experience is required.

Warehouse Specialist: The Warehouse Specialist is responsible for all shipping transactions, all division groups and Planograms, bill collections/retailing, decline prevention, warehouse sanitation in accord to establishment criteria, and supporting the rest of the team duties. Applicants with more than a year of experience in the related field are favored.

Service Technician Specialist: The Service Technician Specialist is in charge of the well-being of the in-store equipment, and its maintenance procedures, making sure that the store complies with state regulations in regards to safety and security. High School Diploma and Certification from related training programs are a must.

Business Analyst: The Business Analyst is accountable for formulating extensive account calculations and handling and apportioning stock for a set of merchandise. The Business Analyst teams up with the Product Manager to guarantee merchandise success. A Degree in Business Finance, with 2-4 years of related experience is a must.

Assistant Controller: The Assistant Controller is in charge of Retail Transactions and Financial records ensuring record is assessed properly and products in the inventory are appropriately itemized. The Assistant Controller will support end of the month undertakings in relation with the company’s partners.

Assistant Store Manager: The Assistant Store Manager is accountable for the daily operations of the store, in absence or alongside with the Store Manager. One is also in-charge of overseeing the progress in hiring applicants and employee training. He must have a degree in Business or any related degree, with 4 or more years of related experience.

Category Manager – Ecommerce: The Ecommerce Category Manager is the one who is in-charge of the online marketing schemes for certain classifications that make even with the overall retail tactic. One is accountable for the classification deals, surplus and guaranteeing cost-effective progress of their categories.

Construction Project Manager: The Construction Project Manager is in charge of developing price statistics to evaluate proposal agreements and for overseeing structure development and expenditures of new developments in comparison to appropriate finances and time agendas. A degree in Construction or any related field, with 3 or more years of experience are a must.

Gander Outdoors Application

For onsite applications, please inquire in the outlets near your location, or check their website for the list of existing branches. Don’t forget your printed resume.

Online Application is also available. Find the career tab on the company’s official site. Use the search bar for a specific job, or click “View All Open Job Positions” to browse for other job openings.

Be specific with the entered in details, and read the job description carefully. Remember facts like the age limit, required educational attainment, and preferred years of experience.

Don’t forget to include your name, contact data, and email. Be sure that the entered data are error free. Provide sufficient facts and enough industry key words to get through the selection procedure.

During your interview, show how adventure-hungry you are, and your preparedness for this exciting journey of being a part of the team. Wear your best interview attire and show them that it’s you whom they are looking for.

Things To Know About Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors strongly implements good relations between the company’s employees, and the customers, with common interests and drive for searching journeys outside of their comfort zones.

With the company’s grand reopening of estimated 70 establishments, carrying with them its new name, people will finally be able to see what’s in store for them.

Bringing along the passion for out of town journeys, the drive to explore nature’s waterscapes and landscapes, and the treasures within them, Gander Outdoors is sure to cater to your out-of-town necessities.

So far, no charity works yet, since the company just restarted in 2017. But one can volunteer helping mother nature during outdoor escapades, for more people to enjoy sceneries and get encouraged to do the same.

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