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Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline in the United States. They have a hub in Denver International Airport, and have focus cities in Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, Trenton-Mercer Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, and O’Hare International Airport. They also have an agreement with Great Lakes Airlines to connect to the Rocky Mountain States. For information on your Frontier Airlines application, follow the link below.

Founded in February 1994 in Denver, Colorado, it was created to replace the Continental Airlines hub that was shut down in 1993. In July of that same year, flights began using Boeing 737 jetliners. In 1999, they added Airbus A318 and A319 planes to their fleets. In the 2000’s, they retired their 737 and only used the Airbus planes for their fleet.

They are currently headquartered out of Denver, Colorado where their airline hub is located. They operate flights in over 60 destinations throughout the United States and in international locations nearby. They have about 58 planes in their fleet. In 2013, they were acquired by their current parent company Indigo Partners.

Frontier is looking for employees that are fun-loving and hardworking. They want their employees to ensure that their customers receive the best service possible and walk away happy after having a positive experience with their company. They want diversity in their employees and actively seek out military veterans for employment, as their skills are incredibly useful in this industry.

Frontier Airline Career

There are a wide variety of opportunities at this company at both the individual airport and the corporate level. The airports have many entry-level positions that a person can take their job and turn it into a Frontier career. They also have higher level positions there. Such positions are baggage claims, reservation agent, and customer service agent.

The corporate level has many more opportunities for people of all skill sets and talents to find the right position for them. They have some entry-level positions though most positions do require a certain level of experience and education to gain positions. Some positions in corporate are marketing, human resources and accounting.

The positions will often have different requirements, depending on which position you are interested in. Some positions require at least a high school diploma or equivalent and maybe a minimal amount of experience. Most positions often require at least a college degree and several years of experience. How old do you have to be to work at Frontier Airlines? The minimum age of employment is 18 years of age.

Frontier Airlines offers competitive benefits for their industry. Employee eligibility may depend on hours worked weekly and job title. Some benefits include flight benefits for the employee and their family, guest passes for friends, and discounts for travel. They may also receive health insurance, dental and vision insurance. They also may have access to a 401(k) plan and paid time off.

The hours of operation can vary depending on location, holidays, and weather, though most areas are open for 24 hours. For more information, you can check your local Frontier for hours of operation. During the holiday season, they may have more flights to accommodate the holiday travelers. This will also occur during the commonly travelled summer months.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Customer Service Representative- The customer service representative is the primary point of contact for customers. They will check customers in and tag their baggage. They will issue tickets and process boarding passes. They are responsible for answering questions about the estimated arrivals and departures. A customer service representative may earn around $10 per hour.

Flight Attendant- A flight attendant is responsible for assisting customers during their flight and ensuring a positive experience for their guests. They will instruct the fliers on proper safety procedures to keep everyone safe. They will help their guests meet their needs during the flight by providing things like food, blankets and beverages. A flight attendant may earn around $25 per hour.

Crew Scheduler- The crew scheduler is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the scheduling of their crew, in accordance with federal laws and contractual compliance. They will coordinate with other personnel to ensure that they are running a cost-effective operation. They will do the schedule monthly, keeping in touch with the crew to be sure that vacations and other requests are met. A crew scheduler may earn around $11 per hour.

Marketing Manager- The marketing manager is responsible for managing marketing and promotional strategies, as well as advertising. They will align the promotions and advertising to meet the company’s goals. They must stick to the marketing budget they were given. The marketing manager is responsible for develop and implement sales related communications. A marketing manager may earn around $56,000 per year.

Frontier Airlines Interview Questions

These are some questions that you may be asked during your job interview.

Why do you want to work at Frontier? This question may require some research prior to your interview. The interviewer is looking to see what you know about their company and their values. Explain which values you share with the company and why that makes you a good fit to work here.

What is the least appealing aspect of being a flight attendant? The interviewer is asking to see how much you know about being a flight attendant. You should answer honestly about which part of the job you are least looking forward to and why.

What are your priorities as a flight attendant? The interviewer is asking another question that figures out what you know about this position. The answer should be safety, then customer satisfaction because first and foremost, you have to keep everyone safe.

Why should we choose you over the other applicants? The interviewer is giving you the chance to sell yourself to the company. Take this opportunity to discuss your strengths and how you feel the company would benefit from them.

How important is it to work as a team, even when someone may not be doing their share? This company needs everyone to work as a team to make operations run smoothly. The interviewer is looking to see how important teamwork is to you. Answer honestly, and mention any circumstances where you had to work as a team to accomplish a goal.

Advice for the Application Process

Wondering how to apply for a position at Frontier? You can apply for a Frontier Airlines job on Frontier Airlines jobs online. You may also fill out an application form at your local Frontier. There are no printable applications online. There are no downloadable applications online. The easiest way to apply is to apply directly online.

The website has available job opportunities, as well as their job descriptions and responsibilities clearly stated for potential job seekers to find something they qualify for. You should only apply for a position that you qualify for. Fill out the application completely and following the instructions provided. You should also submit and updated resume with your application.

After submitting your application, you will hear back from them within a reasonable amount of time, though they often are overloaded with applications so it may take longer. You can call to check the status of your application and to see if they are still hiring for the position that you applied for.

You should practice for your job interview beforehand. You can do this by asking yourself potential interview questions and answering them aloud. This will help you be less nervous during your interview. This will also help you be more confident and articulate during your interview. Remember to dress in a professional manner for your interview. This can help increase your chances of gaining employment.
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