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The Ford Motor Company is a US multinational company that sells automobiles using the Ford brand. They also own FPV, an Australian sports car manufacturer and they manufacture most luxury cars using the Lincoln brand.

The company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, just a year after he left the Cadillac Motor Company. During those times, the middle-class couldn’t afford cars, so the company responded by making the first assembly line in 1913.

In 2017, Universum awarded the automaker with the World’s Most Attractive Employer award. During the same year, the automaker was also included among the Ethispere Institute’s list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

The automaker offers a lot of employee benefits such as employee discounts which allows their employees to own cars below dealer prices. Employees also get paid vacations, a 401K plan, and a health insurance.

Employees loved their experience working for the company because they are given proper equipment that they can use to do different jobs. Furthermore, they also love how the management and other staff are treated the same way and without discrimination.

How old do you have to be to work at Ford?

Applicants need to possess the necessary credentials for the job they are applying for and they must also pass the minimum age requirement of at least 18 years old.

Ford Careers

As a multinational company, Ford has many career opportunities for people regardless of race, religion, age, and gender, they just need to be hard workers and can help the company uphold its brand.

Sales Associate: A sales associate helps the company sell their products and by providing great customer service. They talk to the potential customers so they can give them information about the cars, help them choose the right car, and accompany them during the entire purchasing process. They need to have a good attitude, charisma, and a knack for sales talk.

Car Detailer: A car detailer ensures that the cars are always presentable for the customers. Their duties include washing vehicles, vacuuming inside the car, and polishing them. Detailers need to be focused on the cars so they can spot any imperfections. They need to endure working with water and cleaning agents.

Financial Analyst: A financial analyst helps the company understand its financial data. They present the data in ways that can easily be understood by the management and they also give insight on what decisions the company should make. Financial analysts need to possess critical thinking skills and knowledge in finance and accounting.

Service Technician: A service technician performs automotive services. They use different equipment to make repairs on cars that are manufactured by the company. They need to have a good attitude when talking to customers and they also need critical thinking in evaluating the vehicles. Service technicians also ensure that the store’s test drive cars are road worthy and free from damages.

Marketing Associate: A marketing associate works with other associates to carry out duties required by the marketing department. Their duties include creating materials used in marketing, conducting research to aid the department on making strategies, and supporting day-to-day marketing campaigns. Marketing associates are required to have knowledge about marketing and they also need to have a creative mind.

Accountant: An accountant prepares the company’s financial records. They ensure that the records are right, compute how much the company owes in taxes, and that the company pays them on time. Accountants also examine previous records to see if there are any errors. They need to have an extensive knowledge of accounting.

Human Resources Associate: A human resources associate maintains information records about human resources. They verify the background of applicants by researching and contacting references. Human resources associates record employee logs and they also keep resumes, applications, and performance reports.

Welding Engineer: A welding engineer leads the welders and prepares the procedures that they need to follow. They are also welders, except they have additional knowledge in math and science. In welding, there is typically a blueprint, and it is the welding engineer’s job to make sure the team is doing a precise and accurate job in following it.

Benefits Specialist: A benefits specialist manages the perks and benefits that employees receive from the company. They inform employees about their benefits and they also make sure that they receive them. They also design benefits packages to accommodate the employees’ specific needs.

Client Support Specialist: A client support specialist provides assistance to the customers regarding technical problems. They diagnose and solve technical problems and they provide tips about the vehicles.

Ford Application

For applicants who want to work at Ford, they can apply for a job by submitting their fully accomplished application to one of the company’s branches.

If in-store applications aren’t their preference, they can go for an online application by going to the careers section of the company’s website, find their ideal job, and submit their application.

The applicants are encouraged to read the application forms thoroughly so they can avoid mistakes. After filling it up, they should recheck it, especially their contact information so the company can reach them easily.

For the resume, they should use a simple format and font style; nothing fancy and irrelevant to the job. Furthermore, they should only write information that is relevant to the job and company that they are applying for.

To prepare for the interview process, the applicants should review their personal information and study about the most commonly asked interview questions. They can also do a practice interview with a friend to boost their confidence.

Facts About Ford

The culture at every Ford store is the same as a home, where everyone supports each other in doing their jobs, respected, and is treated like family.

In 2018, the company signed five memoranda of understanding to jointly develop a small electric car and SUVs with Mahindra, an up and coming Indian car manufacturer. The two companies announced their alliance in 2017 that aims to hasten product development.

The automaker is known for offering high quality and affordable vehicles for different markets and for creating the world’s first moving assembly line in 1913 at the Highland Park Ford Plant in Michigan.

In 2017, the company donated a whopping $110 million and volunteered for approximately 500,000 hours for a variety of causes such as educational programs, children’s causes, hunger relief, environmental effort, and many more.

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