Firestone Application & Careers

Firestone is a tire company based in the United States and is owned by Bridgestone. Their products are sold worldwide. They also own Fuzion, a budget replacement tire company in China.

In 1900, the tire manufacturer was founded in Akron, Ohio. The company operated with just 12 employees at that time. In 1926, they opened their first Auto Care Store and started a rubber plantation in Liberia.

For the 14th time, the company won the agricultural tires category in Top of Mind Rural 2016, where greater than 1,500 farmers voted for the brand with the greatest force in the field. The award was organized by Revista Rural.

The company’s employees receive a good number of benefits such as employee discounts when they need new tires. They also get a health insurance, flexible schedules, and paid vacations.

Other than the benefits, employees love working for the tire manufacturer because they meet new people and build relationships everyday. The employees also get long lunch breaks which helps them perform better.

How old do you have to be to work at Firestone?

For applicants to get any hiring consideration when applying at Firestone, they need to possess the necessary credentials and they also need to pass the minimum age requirement of at least 18 years old.

Firestone Careers

Firestone offers fulfilling careers to applicants who can help them increase customer satisfaction in their products and services.

Salesperson: A salesperson helps the customers in choosing the best products for their vehicles. They answer questions, provide suggestions, and entice customers to avail products from the store. They are also given sales quotas that they need to meet. Salespersons need to have a good attitude and communication skills.

Technician: A technician performs the services required on the customers’ vehicles. Their duties include, but are not limited to, changing tires, performing oil changes, and doing general checkups on vehicles. Technicians need to have skills and knowledge in vehicles. They also need to have good customer service skills and the ability to do things in the way that customers want.

Technician Apprentice: A technician apprentice assists the technician in doing automotive services. They give the technicians the equipment they need, help them do tasks, and learn lessons from them. They can also be asked to do minor services such as tire and oil changes. Once they are qualified, they can be promoted as a technician.

Store Manager: The store manager keeps an eye on the establishment’s day-to-day operations. Their duties include ensuring that the employees are doing their jobs, checking product quality, keeping an eye on the stocks, and making plans which can help the store do better. They also do the establishment’s paperwork and manage the payroll.

Quality Analyst: A quality analyst provides consultation to the company about how they can improve on their products. They oversee product manufacturing process, look for substandard products, give advice for improvement, and provide feedback on whether the company should continue manufacturing the products. Quality analysts need to have attention to detail to spot imperfections in the product.

Service Manager: A service manager leads employees in providing excellent customer service. Their duties include teaching employees about the company’s guidelines in treating customers and addressing complaints. They also answer phone calls and emails from customers. Service managers need to have a positive attitude and the patience to handle annoyed customers.

Security Specialist: A security specialist ensures that the establishment and its assets are safe. Their duties include observing people with suspicious behavior, handling security-related issues, and performing preventative measures to increase security. They also operate and take care of the establishment’s surveillance cameras.

Manager of Tire Sales: The manager of tire sales is responsible for leading a team of salespersons to ensure that the company can sell their products. They teach employees how to advertise the products, set sales goals, and analyze sales data to improve their work. If necessary, they can make personnel decisions to improve the sales team.

Maintenance Supervisor: A maintenance supervisor leads a team of technicians to ensure that the customers get the best service. Their duties include seeing how technicians do services, teaching them what to do, and providing customer service by answering questions and providing technical information for customers.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager helps the manager run the establishment. They lead employees and act as quality control by observing how services are done. Assistant managers assume the manager’s duties when he is not around. Assistant managers need to have leadership and communication skills to perform their jobs effectively.

Firestone Application

Job seekers who wish to land a job at Firestone will only have to make sure that they possess the job requirements, prepare their application form, and submit it to one of the company’s stores.

For those who can’t access these locations, they can send their application online. They just have to access the careers section of the company’s official website and submit their application.

In filling up the application form, the applicants should write only true and correct information. They should also review their personal information so they can include everything that is needed in the application.

For the resume, they should use a format that will show their credentials better. The information that they will write should be relevant to the job and company that they are applying for.

During the interview process, they should be attentive to the interviewer’s questions and answer them with confidence. They should take their time and go straight to the point when answering questions.

Facts About Firestone

The culture at Firestone is apparent in each of their stores. It is a place where employees strive for success, value teamwork and camaraderie, and have great relationships.

In March 2018, the company conducted the grand opening of their new store in Cross Roads, Denton County, Texas. The store was the company’s 235th location in Texas.

The company is known for the quality of their tires, their auto care establishments that offer a wide variety of services, and for being the Ford Motor Company’s former equipment supplier.

The tire manufacturer together with Bridgestone, its parent company, supports sustainability by minimizing resources used in creating products, increasing product lifespan, and recycling. They also use power saving equipment to reduce global warming.

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