Fine Fare Application & Careers


In a world where consumers have unending options when it comes to where they shop, Fine Fare Supermarkets strives to stand out against the competition in the grocery market industry.  The chain is a collection of independently owned stores, totaling over 60 stores that offer their customers quality products at a reasonable price.  Collectively, the stores span across three states in the Northeastern Region. Their corporate office currently resides in New York, New York.

The company offers a wide variety of produce and other grocery items to each of its customers.  There stores are set up to present unique items local to the areas and communities in which the stores are located.  As a smaller fish in a big sea when it comes to supermarket brands, Fine Fare takes great pride in perfecting – and maintaining – the successful business they have, rather than try to rapidly expand the organization.  They work to provide only the best to their customers, and continue to find ways to introduce regional products in their stores, which helps promote local business partnerships.

With weekly specials on select products, and top notch staff to assist in all of the departments within the store, the company has found its niche with a welcoming atmosphere and quality products.  If you happen to have a Fine Fare Supermarket in your area, stop in and explore what the store has to offer.  Patrons can find more information on featured sales and what’s new with the company on their website, along with other information detailing the history of the company.

Fine Fare Interview Questions

Describe a time you helped resolve a complicated situation. Be sure that the scenario you describe ended in a fair compromise for all involved parties. Focus more on how you were able to handle the situation than on the details of what was going on. Even if it was a personal involvement, maintain an air of professionalism, and never mention specifically anyone who was involved besides yourself.

What is your relevant experience for this position? This can be a little tricky, especially if you haven’t had any work experience yet. But it’s an important question to answer. “I don’t know” or “I don’t have any work experience yet” are not the right answers, although you can use them as the start for the answer you will actually give. For instance, begin by saying, “While I don’t yet have any official work experience…” and then explain a non-work experience that you learned something valuable from. It can be a five-member club you were a part of for a week, or a year-long class that was particularly interesting to you. Whatever experience you choose, be as confident and as honest with your answer as possible.

If you were in my position, what kind of person would you hire? Explain what qualities you think would be most beneficial for the position. The employer will recognize the insight and thoughtfulness you have given to your answer, and you will be able to show that you have truly thought about what the position entails, and how you would be able to use your own traits to succeed. Be empathetic here, as well, allowing the employer to see that you understand it can be difficult to choose the right candidate among a sea of prospects.

What is a conflict you have had with a previous manager? Be honest with your answer here, but be sure to focus more on what steps you took to overcome the problem and how the situation was solved, rather than on what the conflict itself was. Stay away from expressing negative emotions, and explain what you learned from the experience, and how/if you were changed by it.

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