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Fiesta mart

The Fiesta Mart chain of supermarkets is a grocery store chain headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States. Donald Bonham and O.C. Mendenhall launched the chain in 1972. More than 30 stores operate around the greater Houston area and around Texas.

Though neither founder was of Hispanic origin, the retailer’s main clientele comes from the Hispanic community. Bonham had worked as a farmer in Guatemala and Belize, and helped launch a supermarket chain in Chile. Upon returning to Texas, he felt the Hispanic market was inadequately catered to and launched Fiesta Mart to target Hispanic shoppers. Legend has it that the founders could not agree on a name for the store, until one day seeing large “Fiesta” sign plastered on an abandoned building. They bought the sign and named their new store accordingly.

As the store’s popularity grew throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the owners opened more and more branches and began targeting other niche shopper markets, including Thai and African-American consumers. In the 1990s the retailer opened a superstore-style grocery much larger than its standard groceries, but business did not take off and the superstore was closed. Some cite Fiesta Mart as proof that smaller grocery chains can succeed in a market proliferated with superstores. Grocers Supply, a wholesale grocery distributor, acquired the retail chain in 2004.

The retailer’s mascot is a cartoon parrot named Pepe. Customers can follow store updates and events on Instagram and Twitter accounts run under Pepe’s name. The parrot also makes occasional store appearances in a human-sized parrot mascot costume, and has also been known to appear at local rodeos and other events around Houston.

Fiesta Mart Interview Questions

How can you better our company? This is another opportunity where you can praise yourself. Let them know what you can bring to the table. Talk about your skills and how they can move the company forward. Do not talk to long or to short. Talking to much can turn off an employer and talking to little can raise a red flag to the employer.

What indicates success when on a job? How do you feel successful on a job? Think about how you feel when you accomplish something huge on a job. Does that signify success to you? Jot down what makes you feel the most successful, whether it is on the job or in your personal life. Take a while to think about this. This is important to know for your life in general and not just for a job interview.

If required, would you relocate to a new location? Again, you have to consider if you have a family, especially if you have children. This can be difficult because that mean uprooting your entire family for a job. If everyone is willing to move, then the decision can be easier. If you are a bachelor/bachelorette, it can be a bit easier to make that decision because your only concern is you.

How is your management style or technique? Are you aggressive or passive? Do you tackle situations head on or are you lenient? These are things to think about when you are on a job. For the interview, you do not want to appear as though your management style is too laid back and lenient. There always has to be structure.

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