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Expert Global Solutions

Expert Global Service is considered the most prolific private owned business process outsourcing company. This company has grown in leap and bounds ever since its creation and today boast of being present in more than 100 locations around the world with a workforce of plus 40, 000.

The company prides itself as a leader in providing customer orientated services to its high profile clients. They are experts in providing the customer support for companies through the use of technology tools like emails and live chats. They offer services in customer care, financial care, and health care.

The company prides itself as a socially and environmentally responsible employer. All employees are encouraged to share the company’s vision of participating fully in the development of the communities in which they work.

They are also aware of the importance of engaging in environmentally sustainable practices. As such the company pledges to do all within their power to reduce the amount of waste they generate and to ensure that they engage in environmentally friendly practices.

Expert Global Solutions Interview Questions

Would you be willing to relocate if required? A number of factors come to play on this one. For instance if you do not mind being away from home, or if you have a tendency of experiencing home sickness away from home. Always make your take on such issues clearly known, for your own good and that of the organization.

What would your previous supervisor say your strongest point is? Talk about the moment when your previous supervisor was most pleased with you. If you can quote their exact words, the better. It could have been that they admired how you handled a particular problem at work, or could be they admired your timeliness in finishing projects. Whatever it is, say it well and in a convincing tone.

Are you applying for other jobs? It is most definitely not a crime to apply for several jobs because it is a matter of trying your lack. If there are other jobs that you are or have applied for, be honest. Do not however end up discussing about these other jobs so much so that you create the impression that the current one you are being interviewed for is of no much relevance. Make it known that your interest is on this current position you are being interviewed for despite having applied for other jobs elsewhere.

Tell me about your dream job: this has a lot to do with your philosophy to work. It is about finding something to do that you are very passionate about. For some it could be being in a position to initiate corporate social responsibility events, for others it could simply be making enough money and retiring early. As always, be candid.

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