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There is an option to rent products that you need, which can be a relief of a financial burden if you cannot afford something outright. Sometimes, you can rent furniture or rent-to-own furniture or you can rent a truck for moving into a new home or moving objects that are too large for your car. Whatever the need, consumers have found an incredible convenience in this field to make their lives easier.

As a result of its popularity, these places are constantly opening up and requiring employees for their facilities. This field can offer flexibility in hours that works out well for people who are seeking second jobs or for college students that need to work around their class schedules. For most places in an industry like this, an employee is required to be the age of 18 or older.

In some cases, seasonal opportunities come up around busy seasons. This provides temporary employment for people who just need a little extra to help them out. This is great, especially during the holiday seasons.

If you are great with people and are looking for a career or just something to start out with, this can be an excellent option for you to consider.

Job Opportunities

Here are some employment opportunities for your consideration:

Customer Account Representative: This person is essentially the face of the company. The customer account representative is out on the floor and working with the clients. They are responsible for working with the client to find out what they need. They will go over the rules and policies of the rentals, therefore should be very knowledgeable with the company’s policies. They should also be aware of the payment information of their company.  It is their job to assist a person and help them with anything they need to the best of their ability. They should assure that payments are made on time, in some cases. A person in this field must be great with people and provide amazing customer service. Often you must be over the age of 18 and have a high school diploma or equivalent to gain employment. It is also often required to have a valid driver’s license, and sometimes even an excellent driving record. A customer account representative can often make around $10 per hour.

Delivery Driver: In places where deliveries are needed, this is the person who ensures the client receives their products. A delivery person will make sure that the item or items are in proper condition before delivering to their client’s house. They should be sure that all the items are properly placed on the truck and secured so nothing is damaged during travel. A delivery driver must follow the delivery schedule as was given to them. They will then deliver the product and install it to the customer’s satisfaction. A delivery person is also responsible for picking up returns from the customer’s house and return it back to the facility, then is sure that everything can pass quality assurance for resale. Sometimes a delivery driver is responsible for collection of items that are not being paid for according to the contract and bring them back to their store. A delivery person must be patient and good with customers. They must be able to move heavy objects, and able to use a dolly. A delivery driver is required to have an excellent driving record and valid licenses and certification are mandated by state laws. They can make around $16 per hour.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager will work alongside the manager to assist in running the daily operations. They will work in a similar role as the customer account rep in driving the sales of the store. They often help organize the store and help maintain the look of the store for the consumers. They often assist with deliveries and other roles where needed. They should have in-depth knowledge of their company’s policies regarding the rentals, payments, returns, and collections in order to properly convey them to their customers. For this position, you will need previous experience. You are often required to have a high school diploma or equivalent and a valid driver’s license. The average pay for an assistant manager is around $30,000 a year.

Manager: A manager is in charge of running the daily operations within their store. They will hire and fire staff as needed, as well as training new employees. They are tasked with ensuring the store’s gains the maximum profits and making sure that the customer’s leave the store happy. In some places, they track all the financials to help with budgeting and ensuring that they are doing their jobs well. This data can help the manager find out how to improve sales and customer satisfaction. They also are in charge of staff scheduling and filling in wherever they need to because they are short staffed. In this field, it is preferred that a manager has a bachelor’s degree in business or another related field. They should also be very experienced in a retail setting and with customer service. A manager can earn a salary of around $39,000-$80,000 a year.

Job Outlook

The job growth in this industry is expected to be around 11%. This is the same as the national average. This can be as a result of people constantly leaving and joining this industry. Often in entry level jobs within this industry, a person will take that experience gained and move onto a different career. This means there is a constant of openings in the equipment rental field.

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