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Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. Coffee Club is a specialty coffee drink chain. Brothers Dane and Travis Boersma started the company in Grant Pass, Oregon in 1992. The chain now has over 150 locations around the United States. Along with coffee drinks, they offer smoothies, tea, and baked goods.

The company has a proprietary blend of espresso which they crafted themselves from Colombian, Brazilian, and El Salvadoran beans. This blend gives their coffee its signature full body and sweet finish. The coffee chain brews all espressos as “ristrettos”, an Italian brewing style with a shorter brew time than a standard espresso shot, and they serve all drinks starting with two shots of espresso. They also purport to do every step of the brewing processes by hand, from roasting to brewing.

The company has a principle of positivity, and they have adopted a set of principles called “The Optimist’s Creed”, rebranding it as “The Dutch Creed”. The creed is a list of ten promises, which the company tries to instill in their management and employees. The list includes, among others, promises to make one’s friends feel worthwhile, to be celebrate the success of others as much as your own success, and to be cheerful towards all.

In 2013, co-founder Travis Boersma appeared on the CBS series “Undercover Boss.” In the series, high-ranking employees disguise themselves and mix into the lower ranks to experience life as an employee of their own company. In this episode, Boersma visited one of the coffee plantations producing their beans and one of his coffee shops. Boersma said the experience gave him a lot more gratitude for the daily contributions of his employees.

Dutch Bros. Coffee Interview Questions

What are the main things you looking for in a job? If you want this job, you will obviously want to answer this question in a way that is targeted to this specific company. You can say that you are looking for a job that fulfills you and makes you feel like you have a purpose each day. Or maybe you want to get a job that will allow you to do something new every day or is consistent. Depending on what you truly want and what the position or company will offer, you can change your answer to suit anything.

Would you be willing to relocate in the future? You need to really consider this question before you go in for an interview. If you need to discuss this with your partner, spouse or other person, be sure you do so. Never say that you would be willing to relocate if you aren’t. If you have limitations on relocation, you will also want to share those with the interviewer.

Can you tell me about a suggestion you have made at work? You should show up to the interview prepared to discuss a time that you made a suggestion at work and it was considered a success. Describe the suggestion and why you made it. Then, tell the interviewer how it was received and what was gone with it in the aftermath.

What would you look for if you were hiring for this position? When you answer this question, be sure that you say you look for traits that you have. Basically, you will want to base everything that you say on what makes you qualified for the position, or they won’t even think of you as a real candidate for the position. You will want to look at this question from the interviewer’s perspective, as well.

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