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Coffee seems to be everyone’s lifeline to make it through the day. Getting a coffee on the go is an increasingly popular idea, causing the industry to find ways to constantly make this a more streamlined process. As a result, jobs are common in this field for people of any skill sets and talents could excel in this industry.

This is a good industry to be in because it often does not require too much experience in entry level positions nor does it require any level of education. You will find flexible hours in this industry, which is great if you need a second job or are a student who is looking to pick up work around their school schedules.

This is an industry with hours so anyone can gain employment. There are usually positions found in this field, especially during the hours of the early morning commute. That is the busiest time of day in this industry.

There are different types of positions, some are more customer oriented than others. This provides a wide range of opportunities to get a position that really works with your talents. There can be room for advancement in an industry like this.

Job Opportunities

Here are some interesting opportunities that are available in cafes:

Cashier: Anyone over the age of 16 can be a cashier. They are the first face you see in the café. A cashier will greet customers, take orders, and receive payment. They generally will need a basic knowledge of their products, and might be responsible for answering customer’s questions about their products. They might be the ones who give the customer’s their order after it is completed. Cashiers usually have to ensure that their counter or workspace is organized and clean. They will often clean up the area where customers sit within the shop when there is downtime. The only training required will be on the job and there is no education requirement for a cashier. Cashiers will usually earn their state’s minimum wage, around $7-$10 per hour.

Barista: That coffee or other drink that you are enjoying was made by this employee. A barista will mix the ingredients to order and prepare the beverage that the customer requested. As every customer is different, so is every order. The barista should be able to be flexible and ensure customer satisfaction with the product. A barista might also help with the customer service duties of the cashier in some facilities. There is no educational requirement for this position. The on the job training for a field like this is very intensive. The barista must be familiar with the company’s recipes and know how to use the equipment properly. A barista must be prepared to work quickly on their feet, as this can be a very fast-paced industry. A barista can expect about $9.00-$10.00 per hour.

Baker:  Most cafes offer some variety of baked goods for their customers to enjoy with their beverages. Bakers will cook up the bagels, cookies, donuts and any other baked good that the company offers. They will also ensure that the product going out meets the high standards of the company that they work for. They also ensure that the safety guidelines are being met for the baking area. They are responsible for keeping the kitchen area clean and organized so products can be easily accessed by other staff members. There is not an education level required to obtain this position, but a high school diploma is preferred. It often involves being on your feet for long hours. The training is on the job, including watching others bake to be sure that their technique is exact. A baker that is just starting out can make around $24,000 a year, and can get up to around $36,000 yearly.

Manager: A manager is in charge of all the daily needs for operations. Managers will ensure that the employees are being as efficient as possible. They will hire, fire, and be responsible for the training of their employees. Managers deal with the scheduling of staff and any disciplinary issues that may arise. In some companies, they will deal with inventory, payroll and preparing budgets as needed. Usually a high school diploma is mandatory for this type of position. Another requirement is previous customer service experience, as you will have to know how to deal with unhappy customers. Having previous managerial experience is often preferred. A manager can make around $16 per hour.

Job Outlook

The outlook for growth in the café industry is about 11%, which is about the national average. There are constant job openings as there can be a high turnover rate of employees finding careers in other fields. This provides more openings for people new in the job force to gain experience to move onto other fields, which keeps a rotating door of possible employment for others.

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