Dollar Tree Application & Careers

One of the top discount store chains in America, Dollar Tree sells items of all kinds for one dollar or less. It has 11 distribution centers across the United States and Canada that support its operations in all 48 US states and 5 Canadian provinces. The company offers a wide choice range of snacks, DIY craft supplies, health and beauty products, house ware, dinnerware, books, and toys. In addition, its stores also sell frozen goods as well as dairy products and pre-made cakes and frozen dinners.

The company began as a small Ben Franklin variety store established by K.R. Perry in 1953. K.R. Perry, Dough Perry and Macon Brock then started a K&K Toys concept growing to over 130 stores in the 1970s. By the year 1986, Perry, Brock with the addition of Ray Compton began to venture into an Only $1.00 chain store which became an instant success. This led to the co-founders to decide in investing exclusively in the expansion of the dollar chain stores in 1991.

With over 13,600 stores nationwide, its 175,800 employees all over North America serve thousands of customers every single day. The company reached 27.6 billion US dollars in annual sales and made a stride with its online sales with a steady increase in digital shoppers from 2014 up to present.

The company offers a wide range of medical coverage plans that is specifically suited for each individual. It has a dental and vision package that provide employees access to dental and vision perks outside of the usual medical coverage. In addition, the company has setup an employee assistance program that primarily serves the emotional wellbeing of associates. An outstanding 401(k) retirement program awaits elderly employees while a profit sharing scheme allows associates to earn rewards collectively. Lastly, the company has an employee stock purchase program allowing associates to become shareholders.

What makes people want to work at Dollar Tree has to do with the company’s dedication to help employees experience the best possible professional career. The company’s employee benefits package centers on a core belief that its employees are the most important investment it can make in the entire organization. As such, the benefits are designed to support employees as well as their families in order to maintain a healthy working relationship with workers for years and years ahead.

How old do you have to be to work at Dollar Tree?

The company abides by federal laws and regulations including the minimum hiring age of 16. Any applicant younger than the minimum hiring age has to secure a working permit and is subject to the store’s screening process.

Dollar Tree Careers

What makes the company stand out from the rest is the career experience it offers its associates. The management seeks to foster an enjoyable work environment wherein employees have room to grow personally and professionally. The store has a variety of hourly positions as well as corporate and managerial job offers that suit your preferences:

Sales Floor Associate: A sales floor associate is tasked with attracting customers to buy store products. Sales floor associates are the main point of contact between customers and the store as a whole. As such, sales associates are expected to know the products in order to sell them more effectively.

Cashier: Cashiers are responsible for check-out operations once customers are finished selecting products to purchase. Aside from being expert in numbers, cashiers are expected to have a good customer service background in order for them to interact with customers in a more pleasant manner.

Customer Service Associate: Customer service associates are always ready to assist customer queries and complaints. If customer service associates can’t answer customer’s questions, it is their duty to hand over customer queries and concerns to the store manager especially in situations wherein the customer service associate can’t answer customer questions.

Stockers: The company offers hourly positions such as stockers. Stockers work at the store’s back-room or warehouse keeping track of the store’s inventory and stock products. They are also responsible for maintaining and recalling product stocks when needed or when requested by store crew.

Logistics: Logistics staff works at the back-end of store operations and does all the heavy lifting. The job involves truck loading, shipment handling, etc. A comprehensive store experience awaits successful applicants as they will undergo a customer service training including a logistics support training program.

Operations Assistant Manager: An operations assistant manager provides support to the operations manager in daily store operations. Assistant manager for operations is responsible for keeping supplies in check and making sure that the inventory is always updated. In addition, assistant managers may also be asked to supervise a certain team or shift when needed.

General Warehouse Associate: General Warehouse Associates are responsible for maintaining store warehouses and providing support services to store operations. Warehouse associates manage warehouse operations on a daily basis serving as liaison for store managers and warehouse staff.

Associate Relations Specialist: This position is part of the store’s human resources department that takes care of employee concerns. Associate relations specialists work under the company’s employee assistance program that prioritizes employees’ emotional well-being and welfare. Associate relations specialists are tasked with launching employee welfare programs and office modifications to foster a healthy working environment.

Technical Support Help Desk: The position provides problem resolution for store customers. It liaises with store support centers, distribution centers to efficiently come up with solutions to customer problems. The position is responsible for resolving a range of technical queries including product information, availability and delivery concerns among others.

Store Manager: Store managers are primarily responsible for managing daily operations with an emphasis on tasks that involve employee recruitment, hiring, and training of associates in operations and merchandising. Store managers are also tasked with enforcing store policies and operational procedures at all times.

Dollar Tree Application

How to Apply? The company has a simple application procedure starting with filling out the application form which can be downloaded online thru their website. On-site applications are preferred whereas management and corporate positions can be searched online.

Is online application available or only in-store applications are accepted? While application forms are available online, interested applicants would have to submit a filled out form to stores that are currently hiring.

Tips for filling application form. The application form is quite easy with only 2 pages to fill out. It focuses on applicants’ personal background and a dedicated section for employment history and educational records.

Advice on resume. Resumes and CVs are usually not required for hourly positions as the application form will do unless otherwise requested by store managers. For corporate job offers, it is advisable to bring your own CVs and submit it to headquarters or any accepting store.

Advice on interview preparation or process. The interview process is quite straightforward with majority of questions looking at your personal background and work attitude. Interviewers usually ask applicants why they want to work for the company, so make sure you have an answer ready!

Facts about Dollar Tree

Equal Opportunity Policy – The company abides by an equal opportunity employee application which means it accepts all application submissions from everyone – even including applicants that have criminal history.

New Board Director – Dollar Tree recently welcomed Stephanie Stahl as its new independent director and part of the board of directors. Ms. Stahl was appointed to the position on January 2018 and has served as Executive Vice President of Coach, Inc. and CEO of Tracy Anderson Mind & Body, LLC.

Affirmative Action – The company is known to promote affirmative action in its hiring process. it accepts applications from people with disabilities (PWDs) and even has an application form designed for the visually impaired.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Dollar Tree takes part in corporate responsibility initiatives. The company prides itself for giving back to the community by offering products of extreme value for free. It also supports to lift the quality of life of communities surrounding its headquarters.

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