Does Subway Drug Test? (Warning: Must Read)

Subway is an American fast food restaurant that specializes in sandwiches. The franchise has various locations around the world and can be found everywhere from airports to universities. The company hires both part-time and full-time employees, which might mean you’ll need to take a drug test if applying for a job there!

However, not everyone who applies will go through the hiring process without having their potential employee drug screened. If you want to find out more about this and whether or not Subway does indeed drug test prospective workers, keep reading!

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Does Subway Drug Test? Subway Drug Test Explained

Yes, Subway does drug test its new hires. All candidates must pass an initial screening before they are allowed to complete their employment papers. Subway does require pre-employment drug screening, and they do test current employees at random or when there is reasonable suspicion that an employee might be under the influence of drugs.

When Does Subway Drug Test Employees?

Subway can drug test at the following times:

Pre-Employment Test

At Subway, drug testing is usually part of the pre-employment process before you can get started. This means that if you are asked to take a drug test – it will be at your interview.

Most positions at Subway require drug tests before you start working with them. These positions include management and food preparation positions in the kitchen area.

Overall, most employees at Subways around the country must pass through a rigorous drug test before they can begin their employment term with the company.

Random Test

Just like many other companies within the retail industry, Random drug testing is part of Subway’s policy. So as an employee, you must agree to submit to any random drug tests.

Suspicion Based Test

If management or another employee suspects that you are under the influence, they may require a drug test from you. Be sure to contact your manager if you have been put on notice for suspicion of being under the influence while at work.

Post Incident Test

When you get involved in an accident on the job, you will be subjected to a drug test. This is done to ensure that your actions at work are not influenced by your use of drugs or alcohol.

What Type Of Drugs Does Subway Test For?

Subway conducts drug tests for most major drugs, including alcohol and some recreational drugs that are legal in the state the test is being conducted in.

If you fail a Subway drug test due to prescribed medication, they will not hold it against you as long as you inform them about this. You will have to provide proof of your medical condition.

The presence of recreational drugs may still require the supervisor conducting the test to fail their potential new hire.

Subway Drug Test: How Long Does It Take?

Subway requires a drug test that is processed in one business day. The initial sample collection process takes only a few minutes, and the final results will be available immediately thereafter.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test At Subway?

You can refuse to take a drug test at Subway, but you may risk termination. Failure to comply with the policy of mandatory testing for job applicants or current employees may result in immediate dismissal from your position.

Applicants who do not show up on time to take a drug test when required will have their employment offer withdrawn by Subway. Additionally, employees who fail multiple tests or whose behavior indicates the use of prohibited substances via other means are likely to be terminated from their positions.

If you refuse to take a drug test following an incident at work such as an accident, your employment will likely be terminated. Subway does not wait to penalize employees who do not comply with the drug-free policy even if the employee is on leave.

What Happens if You Fail the Subway Drug Test?

Are you wondering what happens if you fail your drug test at Subway? The answer varies depending on if you are an applicant or a current employee.

Zero-tolerance for drugs for its employees

SUBWAY has a strict policy that forbids the use of narcotics or any illegal drug. If an applicant fails to pass the pre-employment drug test, then he/she will not be offered employment. Employees who are tested positive for drugs will be terminated immediately.

For applicants, the offer is contingent on passing the drug test

For potential employees, SUBWAY has a system of giving them conditional offers based on their result in the pre-employment screening process which includes providing urine samples. The results of these tests determine whether or not they receive full-time positions and paid training.

Employees who fail a random drug test will be terminated

In order for SUBWAY to ensure safety and customer satisfaction, employees are put through a random drug screening process at least two times a year. If an employee fails the screening, then they will be terminated from their position.

Employees who fail a drug test after an accident can be sued personally

If a worker is injured in a work-related accident and fails to pass a drug test, it may be possible to hold the worker in question personally liable for injuries. This is because drug use can alter one’s awareness and reduce coordination.

If I Fail A Drug Test At Subway Can I Reapply?

If you are terminated from Subway for failure to submit to a drug test or your refusal, then you will not be eligible to reapply for one year. However, if you were dismissed for a first-time violation, then you may reapply after six months.

Conclusion: Does Subway Drug Test?

Subway does indeed conduct drug tests for all new hires as part of their employment process. Note that this only applies to potential employees and not existing staffers whose positions are protected by labor laws. Existing staff members can still be subject to random drug testing if they appear to be under the influence of drugs based on reasonable suspicion. This will result in disciplinary action up to termination of employment should they fail subsequent investigations following a positive test result for illegal substances like cocaine or heroin.

Failing a Subway drug test may disqualify you from getting a job if you are a potential employee, or lead to your termination if you are a current employee. Note that Subway does not discriminate against applicants who refused to take the test as part of their application process.

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