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Walt Disney World is a themed entertainment complex located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It is a Park that offers various attractions and accommodations for children and adults.

The attraction was founded and opened back in October 1st, 1971 by Roy and Walt Disney. After Walt Disney passed on, Roy overtook the responsibility of overseeing the Park’s development.

Walt Disney World has one sole location which is composed of over 34 resorts, and 8 theme parks and other attractions. They also have over 62,000 employees.

Benefits of working in the company include discounts, health insurances, weekly pays, 401k plans, wellness programs and seminars, and even educational opportunities and development programs for leadership and other skills.

The employees love the benefits and experiences they get from working in the company. They also get freebies and a lot of benefits that they can enjoy.

How old do you have to be to work at Walt Disney World?

The company has a wide range of job opportunities for individuals 18 years old and above, with the appropriate and excellent skills for the jobs given to them.

Walt Disney World Careers

Walt Disney World offers different types of job opportunities for any qualified individual who wishes to be part of their team. Here are a few of the careers they offer together with their job description.

Ticket Sales Agent: The Ticket Sales Agent holds the responsibility of selling the tickets or passes that the guests use to gain access to all the rides and attractions in the entire area. They see to it that the customers get their ticket and that their ticket is valid or official.

Ride Operator: The Ride Operator has a huge responsibility of operating the attractions in the Theme Parks. The safety and enjoyment of the guests are in their hands, therefore it is their responsibility to control the ride and ensure that it’s safe for them to go on.

Character Impersonator: Disney has many characters from their films that they feature in all their theme parks. So the job of the Character Impersonator is to bring these characters to life, to play and act like the characters assigned to them.

Manager: The manager’s job is to oversee the operation and overall performance of their assigned area. They keep track of what’s going on and also attend to their customers’ needs and feedback whether it may be bad or good; the manager sees to it that they would attend to it.

DJ: The DJ’s responsibility is to operate the music in the park. They play the appropriate tracks needed for every attraction according to their theme. They are also in charge of the sound effects and they match the mood of the theme park’s atmosphere to its designated theme.

Cook: The cook is in charge of preparing the food in the company’s restaurants. They are expected to prepare visually appealing, high quality food fit to the standards of the company and to their customers’ taste. They have to be precise in preparing the food.

Bartender: The Bartender is responsible for preparing drinks for the guests. They mix up any drink that their client desires and they have to ensure that its taste is fitting to their client’s taste. They must also make sure that their drinks are of high quality, fitting to the company’s standard.

Lifeguard: The Lifeguard oversees the safety of the resorts’ pool areas. They guard the pool and check to see if anyone is in trouble or if they’re not following the rules when using the pool. In most cases, they rescue anyone whose life is threatened when using the pool such as drowning.

Photographer: The job of the Photographer is to capture the happy moments of the guests in the form of a photograph. They are asked to take pictures of the guests during their time at the theme parks or the resorts. They are also asked to take pictures of the different events happening within the park.

Medical Assistant: The Medical assistant attends to those in need of medical attention in the vicinity of the Park or resort. They are expected to give the guests or even the employees the appropriate medical procedures for them to recover from whatever injury or sickness they caught or sustained whilst in the park.

Walt Disney World Application

To apply for a position in Walt Disney World, check their website and search for any suitable job openings. The site will display a variety of available openings afterwards.

Online application is the only method available for job application. Just go directly to the Careers website to search for any available openings that may suit you.

Apply for any open positions however make sure that it matches your skillset. You are also encouraged to check out other positions that fit you and your abilities. Take your time to review everything while filling out the questionnaires.

Fill out all the necessary information and remember to highlight your experiences. Do not leave anything out, they will review your application to see if you fit for the position you applied for.

Remember to showcase your happy disposition and cheerfulness in the interview. They value and scrutinize your disposition since the Park is known to be a place of joy.

Things To Know About Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is known to be a place of joy, where smiles are always seen due to the joy of seeing your favorite characters come to life and the overall experience of being in Disney World.

The company’s new and upcoming attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land, is set to open its doors on June 30th 2018. The area will feature rides and attractions based on the movie it features.

The company is known for its various attractions and rides based on their label’s movies. They are also known for their Character impersonators that bring the characters from their movies to life.

The company has various programs that help other people in need and the environment. They host feeding programs and Anti-Bullying campaigns. They support events such as Earth Month and Toys for Tots as well.

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