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Delmarva Power is a regulated electricity and gas company that caters to customers in Delaware and Maryland which are in the Eastern coast of America. The company has been in operation since 1909 and serves about 1.4 million people. You can find employment opportunities for Delmarva Power through the Delmarva Power application link at the end of the page and you can download printable application form for Delmarva Power through the link.

In 2002 it became a subsidiary of Pepco Holdings Inc. which is a fortune 500 company headquartered in Washington D.C. Operating under the umbrella of Pepco Holding Inc. Delmarva Power has a strong sense of local community responsibility and commitment. They have contributed more than $4.3 million to over 700 organizations in the last five years.

The company has taken initiatives focused on enhancing various aspects of community living such as health, education, environment and business. In sync with the values of its holding company, Delmarva Power follows a philosophy of employee diversity and growth.

Each employee of the company is considered an integral part for the overall efficient functioning of the organization and for this very reason there is a focus on training and retaining high quality staff through incentives and benefits in the form of paid vacations, sick leaves, retirement benefits, disability benefits, health insurance and travel insurance amongst many others.

Delmarva Power Careers

Delmarva Power careers offer opportunities at various levels for entry into the company. A provider of utility the company needs to have people working round the clock hence there is always an opening for new people to join the workforce. Serving a population of 1.4 million over a 5000 square mile radius there are full time and part time jobs available on an ongoing basis to meet their expanding customer base. You can see how to apply for Delmarva Power online in the link at the end.

The nature of the company is such that it entails having openings within the office and on the field. If you are interested in being part of Delmarva Power you can access and apply online by posting your resume through the online application link and choosing from a range of opportunities including but not limited to, customer care project manager, senior field technical instructor, community relations coordinator, service representative, fleet technician, certified auto mechanic and lead building electrician.

How old do you have to be to work at Delmarva Power? The required age to be eligible for employment at the company is 18. However each position has certain specific requirements that you have to be aware of before you apply for jobs at Delmarva Power through the free application online.

Delmarva Power is an employee oriented organization with many job opportunities and caters to the needs of its personnel to ensure their professional and personal development. It practices a culture of inclusiveness where every work is an important part of the overall company’s success. The company in addition to having competitive pay packages offers various benefits and incentives to attract and retain high quality staff. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to retirement plans, health benefits, life insurance, sick leaves, paid vacation and travel insurance.

Delmarva Power Job Descriptions

Customer Care Project Manager – This is a managerial position with experience in project management. In this role you would have to work with different teams to develop, improve and implement various processes and programs. It is essential to have an understanding of the electric and gas utility industry in order to perform well in this job. You can expect to earn about $95000 per annum in this position.

Senior Field Technical Instructor – This role calls for an experienced person with a certain degree of technical expertise in dealing with electrical systems and equipments. You should be able to work in varying environments for long hours. This is a physically challenging position and therefore you have to pass a medical screening test to assess whether you would be able to fulfill your responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Salaries for a job of this nature average around $72000 annually.

Community Relations Coordinator – This is an intermediate experience position which entails communicating on behalf of the company with customers, regulatory bodies, the government and ensuring the effective presentation of company data. It is essentially being the voice of the company. If you like interacting with people at various levels and thrive in keeping abreast of industry developments, this may be the right job for you. In this position you can expect a salary of about $43000 yearly.

Fleet Technician – This is a job that requires you to work both indoors and outdoors. In this position you would be responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of all vehicles and construction equipment, which involves not just hands on expertise but also maintain records of parts inventories and place orders for stocks. Pay scales for this role average around $41000 annually.

Delmarva Power Interview Questions

It is best to be prepared for the big day by going over sample interview questions than being caught off guard during the interview for the Delmarva Power application you submitted. Here are some that you can practice beforehand.

What do you know about Delmarva Power? Through this question the interviewer is trying to assess your level of interest in the operations of the company and the nature of the job that you have applied for. Reading up on the company alongwith equipping yourself with the exact requirements of the job would set you up to start the interview right.

Tell us why you are best suited for this job? How your past experience and knowledge will help you in performing well on the job is of utmost importance to the employer, therefore it is important that you align past experience with the requirements of the position applied to be better prepared on interview day.

Where do you see yourself in three years? A growing company is interested in hiring employees with the zeal and fervour to grow with the organization. Assessing where you aspire to be in the near future tells the interviewer about your career progression plans. Being prepared to discuss your future career goals would help at the time of the interview.

What are your strongest technical skills? Being a utility company with most of the openings requiring expertise in certain hard skills, it is imperative for the interviewer to assess the level of technical acumen you are going to bring to the organization. Talking about past work experience and how it would add value to the organization in context to the job applied would be an effective stepping stone.

Are you available to work odd hours at varying locations? A company that services customers twenty four hours a day seven days a week, a lot of the positions require rotating shifts throughout the day. Knowing whether you would be available to work the different shifts is important to the employer. Also location of work may vary depending on business needs, this is more relevant to technical recruitment.

Advice For Application Process

The importance of being well prepared for an interview cannot be undermined. You could download application form or fill out the Delvarma Power application form online in a proper manner and ensure you tailor it to meet the requirements of the job based on your past knowledge and experience. This would help employers screen out applications that best match the job requirements, giving you a better chance of getting your foot into the door.

Delmarva Power jobs online are for both inside the office and on the field, depending on where the interview is scheduled you need to be dressed appropriately. For on the field tests that may be required for technical personnel it would be advisable to be dressed in clothing that would be comfortable while operating or working with heavy equipment and machinery. However when meeting department heads for in office meetings it is best to ditch the casuals and go for a more formal look to appear professional.

During the interview for Delmarva Power jobs it is imperative to be alert and focused to have a positive effect on the interviewer also to be able to tackle various kinds of questions and situations for hands on testing. Being relaxed and rested would best serve your purpose of doing well on the big day.

Last but not least be confident of yourself during the interview process and focus on your strengths along with a keen desire to overcome any weaknesses that you may feel you have. Be well prepared to answer an array of questions related to your line of work and industry.
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