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DD’s Discounts is a line of retail stores offering fashions, home décor, and novelties at prices steeply discounted from those of comparable department stores. The first location began doing business in 2004 and has since become a neighborhood destination for affordable shopping. The retailer aims to give its customers the latest products from brands they will recognize at prices they can afford.

DD’s Discounts is linked with the Ross Stores, Inc. Ross Stores, Inc. operates Ross Dress for Less stores, which provide a service similar to the model of DD’s, but are targeted to a demographic with a more limited fluid income. The Ross incorporation currently manages over one hundred and sixty locations of their higher end branch spanning fifteen states and anticipates further expansion in the years to come. 

In DD’s discounts commitment to supporting community values, the company has established ties with several outreach programs. Their affiliation with First Book promotes the importance of children’s education. Associates of the retailer actively participating in raising donations for the organization and then see first hand the fruits of their labor as they volunteer their time to distribute the books that have been acquired from donations, witnessing the impact of their efforts.

Ross Company affiliates also share a relationship with the Boys ad Girls Club of America. Together, they encourage academic success, confidence, and leadership qualities in the youth of America. The retail stores allocate resources to the clubs to fund after school programs for the kids who are members of the organization.

dd’s DISCOUNTS Interview Questions

Give me an example where you were directly involved in solving an issue on the work floor. Be as specific as possible on this one, and key in on any small details that made your positive qualities stand out the most, such as communication and patience. Employers want to know that they can count on their employees to handle certain disputes .

What is your best quality? Be honest, but do not boast. Focus on qualities that are specifically work related and explain how they would contribute to a specific task or assignment that might come up in your job tasks. Make sure to elaborate as much as possible and relate them to different situations.

What negative experiences have you had with your previous employers? This is the number one question you should not stumble on. If your interviewer sees that you have no problems speaking ill of your previous bosses, then he will no doubt speculate that you will do the same with him if any problems arise.

What pay do you expect to receive from your employment? A very tricky question, as some interviewers might be looking for a specific answer. If you do not know how to respond to this one, just point out that you would like to be paid based on your specific qualifications and expertise.

Do you have any questions you want to ask? Always have at least two questions prepared. This will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are truly interested in the company and that you want to find out in what areas would your specific skills be most beneficial. This also shows that you did the proper research and have shown personal interest.

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