David’s Bridal Application & Careers

David’s Bridal is one of the go-to stores for everything wedding related. The store offers a wide range of affordable, stunning gowns from bride to the bridesmaids, the moms and even the guests. Their products also includes gowns for other important occasions.

Their store first opened in 1950 and was owned by David Reisberg. The company was later completely acquired in 2012 by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.

The business has steadily expanded through the years. They now have more than 300 stores both in the US (across 45 states) and in select international locations such as Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Canada.

Employees receive benefit packages and competitive salaries. After the 1st pay period, employees get to enjoy generous employee discounts. Some positions also come with a 401k program, insurance (vision/dental/health), and paid holidays, sick days, personal days and vacation.

Staff get to enjoy numerous benefits, as well as bonuses for certain sales. Some positions also have bonuses depending on sales and the nature of the job. Overall, the working environment is fast-paced and highly rewarding.

How old do you have to be to work at David’s Bridal?

The minimum age requirement depends on the position the person is applying for. Most entry level store positions require at least 18 years old (or at least a high school graduate).

David’s Bridal Careers

Various stores across the nation are offering different positions for interested applicants. There are many careers for those who are passionate about customer service and helping people during the most memorable occasions in their lives. There are available store positions, corporate and management positions.

Alterations Customer Service Representative: This is a part-time position at the store. This person gives customer’s detailed information about the store’s alterations services and policies. This representative greets and escorts all alterations customers for their appointments. This representative is also responsible for making sure that the merchandise is properly altered, pressed/steamed and in pristine condition before delivery.

Weekend Wedding Sales Stylist: This holds an important position in the store. The stylist helps customers find their perfect match when it comes to gowns, accessories and shoes. Brides, bridesmaids and everybody else will depend on the stylist to bring them to the gown of their dreams. This is a part-time position for those who want to be working on weekends on a 4-to-6 hour shift.

Customer Service Representative: This is a part-time position that requires a self-motivated, outgoing and upbeat personality. The CSR serves as the first point of customer contact. This position provides every customer with relevant information about the store’s range of products and services. The CSR also responds to customer inquiries in a friendly, helpful manner.

Alterations Specialist: This specialist performs all the garment fittings needed by the customer following the store’s standards. This includes performing alterations, including spot cleaning, steaming and/or pressing as necessary. Before the garments are delivered, the alterations specialist does the final inspection to ensure pristine condition, according to quality control guidelines. Any complaints or issues about alterations will be handled by this specialist.

Seasonal Dress Specialist: This is a part-time position that carries an important responsibility. This specialist is at the core of providing excellent customer service and in driving the sales of the store’s dress department. The Seasonal Dress Specialist helps customers find the best dress for important events. This position has the opportunity to become store bridal stylists after the Bridal Christmas season.

Bridal Show Representatives: This position functions mainly for bridal shows. Responsibilities include helping set up bridal exhibits and disassembling everything by the end, and executing strategies for the bridal show exhibit. For this, the BSR takes part in pre-show meetings and masters the Bridal Show Training kit. Offers and incentives to offer potential customers at the show must be well understood and communicated well.

Sales Manager: This position provides assistance to the Store Manager by overseeing floor management. In this capacity, the Sales Manager makes sure that each bride receives excellent customer service. Associate training for Customer Relationship Management is supervised by this position as well. Any issues on customer service is handled by the Sales Manager according to the store’s Grey Zone Guidelines for immediate resolution.

Alterations Manager: All activities in the alterations department are led and supervised by the Alterations Manager. This position reports directly to the Store Manager. Responsibilities include making sure that customers consistently receive excellent shopping experience with satisfactory alterations made and delivered within the stated time frame. Duties of all the members of the alterations team are supervised by this position for excellence.

Systems Analyst- Web Support: This analyst researches and triages website issues. The Web Support Systems Analyst works closely with both external and internal technical staff on root-cause analysis, issue replication, profiling and remediation. For support cases, this analyst engages with third-party vendors as needed.

Payroll Specialist: The main duty of the Payroll Specialist is to make sure that the company’s payroll is accurately processed and recorded. This responsibility also includes accurate and timely provision of financial information. Daily payroll processing and data entry are performed as well, with reconciliation of payroll before transmission and validation of the confirmed reports.

David’s Bridal Application

Interested applicants will have to submit an application form. The form is available on the company’s website. To access the application form, open the link to the job posting and click the Apply Now button.

The applicant also has a choice to apply later (with the Apply Later button). When ready to submit an application, fill out the required fields. The form will be emailed to the store that posted the job opening.

Clicking the Apply Now button will open a prompt that requires the applicant to register. Fill out all required fields, especially ones with the red asterisk next to it. Application process online will usually take around 30 minutes.

A resume must accompany the application form. This should contain further information that the company can use to assess the applicant’s qualifications. Important details to include are skills, trainings (if any) and previous work experience.

Some positions need to be filled the soonest possible time, such as the seasonal job positions. Interview is often done within 1 to 2 weeks after the application is submitted.

Facts About David’s Bridal

The company’s culture is based on the guiding principle that every bride deserves the wedding she dreams of. One step towards achieving that dream is to have the dress she dreams of on her wedding day.

The store is now catering to an international market. The website has a good list of countries where they can ship certain products. Clients are advised to check the product details if it is eligible for international shipping.

The company’s dedication is helping brides make their dream wedding come true. David’s Bridal has done this consistently for years. As proof, one in every three brides across the United States wear a dress from one of the company’s stores.

Aside from brides, the company helps the community. David’s Bridal has a program partnering with non-profit organizations to provide those in need with monetary donations, services or merchandise. Organizations have to submit a request form available on the website.

Application Links

Company: www.davidsbridal.com/

Careers: http://jobs.davidsbridal.com

Application: https://basil.peopleanswers.com/pa-testing-web/registration/registration?conversationIdentifier=VcXwD0fqdwPlU8H5hQ7e&rtok=utrt7ddrM7aZg7yKoW9i8at3zltRpbTL