Curacao Application & Careers

Being among the top 50 electronic and appliance retailers in the US, Curacao is growing to be a trusted brand all across America. The company mainly deals with electronics, home-furnishings, entertainment systems and other forms of services and mainly operates on an online platform. They offer an ever convenient way of shopping from your home combined a click away mode of purchase with a flexible payment mode. Literally they have taken online shopping to a new level!

Curacao follows its causes back to 1978 when Jerry Azarkman arrived in California, he started this multi-million dollar idea with just 20 dollars starting as a door-to-door salesperson. Later, he teamed up with his brother Ron and grew the business to a powerhouse in retail, services, and community issues.

Until today the company has continuously proved its dedication to the community by providing quality products and exemplary customer service to their customers. This has propelled it to be among the top 50 electronic retailer in the US having positioned itself to serve Latino and Hispanic Americans.

In fact, most people enjoy working in this company because, it offers their employees great benefits while maintaining industry-centered practices that draw the best and the brightest from the parts they serve. Among the many benefits Curacao provides 401k plan, medical covers with dental coverage, maternity and paternity leave, not forgetting employee discounts on commodities throughout the store.

How old do you need to be to work at Curacao?

In an effort to help future professionals to have a gist of what they will be doing in the future, Curacao offers internships to students and fresh graduates that provides an opportunity for them to get a hands on experience in their career. Provided you are above 16 years of age you may apply for an internship during your vacations. This provides them with hands on skills in their area of specialization. Other openings are regularly posted in their website which is highlighted below.

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