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Cricket Wireless is one of the prepaid wireless service providers in America and a subsidiary of AT&T Incorporated. The company offers text, mobile, voice, and data subscriptions across the country.

Cricket Wireless was started by Leap Wireless International, Inc. in 1999. In 2013, AT&T Inc. agreed to buy Leap Wireless International for more than $1 billion. The Federal Communications Commission approved the merger in 2014.

This subsidiary of AT&T is a trusted provider of mobile broadband devices, high-end smartphones, and wireless communications services in the United States. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

As a subsidiary of AT&T, the company provides a complete work benefits package. Aside from competitive base pay, employees receive career growth opportunities and insurance plans. Qualified associates enjoy pension options, 401k retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, and many more.

People like working at Cricket Wireless because the company gives unlimited opportunities to achieve professional growth and success. The company also provides a fun work environment coupled with good perks and salary rates.

How old do you have to be to work at Cricket Wireless?

All job seekers interested in the jobs offered by the company should be at least 18 years old. They may get in touch with the hiring personnel for any questions regarding a specific position.

Cricket Wireless Careers

The company focuses its attention on employing qualified, smart, and tech-savvy people who can offer excellent customer service. Cricket looks for interested applicants for the following positions:

Wireless Sales Associates: They are tasked to execute different responsibilities, including assisting customers. These friendly employees are responsible for answering service or product inquiries and managing customer service concerns. They prevent theft, give suggestions, and organize store supplies.

Office Clerk: An office clerk manages the communication between the stakeholders to channelize the entire inter-office communication levels. She maintains the current filing system and assists in arranging and filing documents in designated storages. She prepares computerized letters, checks, bills, receipts, and other documents.

Store Lead: A store lead organizes the sales department and provides new techniques to sales associates on how to increase the store sales. He also teaches them the best way to assist customers and close a deal. One of his objectives is to ensure customer satisfaction, so he strongly encourages his team to always serve customers with dedication.

District Manager: A district manager plans and coordinates business operations in a district office to reach the given financial objectives. She performs resource allocation, job assignment, and assigns the provided projects. The district manager also manages a group of skilled professionals every day to meet and even surpass the company’s objectives.

Sales Consultant: A sales consultant plays a crucial role in the sale of services and products. A sales consultant is the one who makes more sales in the store. He assists customers, answers any questions they may have, and suggests  products especially for new customers.

Technical Support Specialist: A technical support specialist assesses system potential through testing new programs’ compatibility with current programs. He evaluates enhancements and expansions through studying workload and the computer system’s capacity. He is expected to achieve computer system goals by collecting relevant data, identifying, and assessing the available options, and suggesting the best action plan.

Inventory Manager: The inventory manager holds big responsibilities in a company. He deals with customers and other employees every day and hires skilled individuals and resolves conflicts that may arise anytime. As a manager, to encourage other employees and keep them inspired and attentive at work are part of his responsibilities and objectives.

Sales Executives: Sales executives sell services and products for the company to boost its profitability and market share. These employees may come from different backgrounds and should be experts with the item they sell. If he is a technical sales executive, he must have an engineering background to understand better the products that belong to the industry.

Senior Sales Associate: A senior sales associate directs and manages the sales policies of the company, including the initiatives and objectives. She sets long-term and short-term sales techniques and assesses the effectiveness of existing sales programs. A senior sales associate improves sales personnel performance, competence, and accomplishments through teaching and guiding all team members.

Senior Marketing Manager: A senior marketing manager supervises the marketing department in the company. He ensures the whole team effectively promotes the company including its merchandise. He keeps his team motivated and encourages innovation and creativity. Also, he may oversee the public relations and sales departments as these sectors typically collaborate with the marketing team.

Cricket Wireless Application

Interested job seekers may apply through the company website or in person. Regardless of the route, applicants will receive equal attention and treatment from the hiring personnel.

The company accepts applications that were submitted either online or in-person. Both online and walk-in applicants are required to submit the necessary papers and fill out the provided hiring form.

Candidates may access the vacancies through the company website by viewing the careers page. After creating a user account, applicants can start filling out the hiring form with accurate personal information. Application forms with incorrect entries will be rejected.

Also, resumes to be submitted must be concise, updated, and accurate. Resumes should contain similar content with the accomplished hiring forms. Applicants who have submitted resume with misleading details will be removed from the list of qualifiers.

When called for the interview, candidates should try leaving a good first impression to the interviewer. They should be confident and respectful in both words and actions.

Facts About Cricket Wireless

The company offers a slow-paced environment, but the job is generally easy. The customers are good, and the company provides them with excellent customer service. Employees work hand in hand which makes the workplace happier for everybody.

The company stays updated with new smartphones released by popular brands. The new LG Fortune 2 is now available at Cricket Wireless starting April 13, 2018. Last March, Cricket also announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy S9 in their stores.

The company provides customers several ways to pay their bills. They may send payments using their mobile phones, via the company website, via phone, or mail. Also, the company is known for giving reliable wireless experience without annual contracts.

Giving back to the community is also a priority. So, the company launched a program called Cricket Cares to increase its commitment to improving communities where their customers live, play, and work.

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