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Cotton On is a fashion retailer founded on the innovative ideals of Nigel Austin. The Australian mogul began his career selling acid wash jackets at the Beckley Market in Geelong. Three years later, the first Cotton On store opened its doors in East Geelong soon to be followed by another on Malop Street, also in Geelong. The brand quickly continued to grow and extended their inventory to include women’s, men’s, and kid’s lines. Initial expansion was seen throughout Australia, beginning with the Victoria region, and soon went international.

Evidence of the retailer’s international success can be seen via American shopping-centric “holidays” Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The consumer driven days recently doubled the Australian brand’s profits when comparing to earlier years. Sales spiked exponentially in the stores flagship locations as well as overseas.

Cotton On publicly assures its customer base of the company’s dedication to quality from production to product, beginning with their relationships with their various suppliers. The company prides itself on taking active involvement in factory inspections, ethical sourcing audits, and proper workplace education of their employees. The group aims to provide a safe work environment for every member of the retailer’s team.

Complimenting their commitment to their employees, Cotton On also devotes time to their community. The company is partnered with several organizations and taking a multifaceted approach to bettering life quality universally. The brand is in support of the Unite Project, which uses the sale of water to obtain funds to donate to ending youth homelessness in Australia, as well as the Business for Millennium Development, which stimulates economic growth in Kenya.

Cotton On Interview Questions

Describe yourself: Most interviews will include this question at some point in the process. Be completely honest with your answer. Your interviewer wants to try and understand what kind of candidate and potential employee you might turn out to be. list your best work related qualities, such as previous work experience.

Are you seeking long term employment? This is not a yes or no question. Even if you do have a specific time frame in mind, just mention that you would be happy to work however long you both feel your skills are being productive and increasing the company’s overall success.

What disappointments have you faced with any of your previous jobs? Don’t exaggerate on your answer or place the blame on any co-workers or previous employers. Instead, turn a negative into a positive by stating how your previous job didn’t use your skills to the fullest or how you felt your skills could have been used in a more productive way.

Since you have little experience, how do you think you would accommodate for that? State that you are a fast learner and that you would learn efficiently by shadowing more experienced workers while you gain the skills that are required. Also mention how you would be up to the challenge to learn new skills.

What steps have you taken to increase your knowledge recently? Stick to any steps that have been job related. If you have little or don’t have any that relate to your previous jobs, include any that pertain to knowledge about your productivity in general or any self-improvement that has benefited you.

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