Corner Bakery Cafe Application & Careers

The Bakery Cafe started off making only artisan bread and bakery sweets. This company is known for making bread, soups, salads, sandwiches, sweets, and breakfast. Everything is made with fresh ingredients.

It started off as a neighborhood Cafe. The Cafe was founded in the year 1991 in downtown Chicago. The group that founded it called themselves the Lettuce Entertain You group also known as the LEYE Group in Chicago. They soon expanded all throughout the United States.

There are over 150 locations listed on their website. They have no more than 10,000 employees at any given time. Their revenue is estimated at about 11.8 million dollars. They were awarded for their sustainable practices in 2014.

Many benefits are provided to employees such as a competitive salary. After one year of employment they offer medical, vision, dental, and life insurance. The Cafe also offer a 401 (k) plan, paid time off, and tuition assistance. Employees also receive free meals during their scheduled shifts.

People enjoy working here because there is room to grow. People from all communities are welcomed and their benefits are top notch. Workers enjoy free meals and are paid lots of overtime. The staff treat each other like family. There is a friendly vibe in all locations.

How old you have to be to work at Corner Bakery Cafe?

The Cafe is an equal opportunity employer. You need to be at least 16 years old to work here. They hire people of all backgrounds. There is plenty of room for growth within the company. A college degree is not necessary for managerial positions. 

Corner Bakery Cafe Careers

This Cafe offers something for everyone in the restaurant business. They have front of the house staff, back of the house staff, and catering staff for all locations. After a year of employment staff are able to receive benefits and be promoted to higher positions.

AM & PM Line and Saute Cook: This is one of the busiest areas in the restaurant. The responsibilities include prepping, cooking, and preparing food. Cooks have to make sure all parts of the meal are ready to be served at the same time. Being able to focus and concentrate are important skills for these positions.

Breakfast/Bakery Production: Responsible for prepping and preparing all baked goods and breakfast foods. Hours are usually early morning. They’re needed to have food prepared before opening the cafe. You must be dependable for this position.

Kitchen Prep: A Kitchen Prep member is part of the back of the house staff. They are the general help that prepares the food. They also are responsible for making sandwiches and salads. Being a team player is necessary for this position.

Dishwasher: They are part of the back of the house staff. A dishwasher is responsible for keeping all materials clean after use. They clean food prep equipment, dishes, utensils, and other items as necessary.

Service Attendant: A Service Attendant is part of the front of the house staff. Their responsibilities include restocking things as needed (tables and bathrooms), and making sure customers have drinks. This position requires someone good at multitasking. 

Cashier: A cashier is part of the front of the house staff. Their duties include ringing up purchases and answering any questions customers may have about the menu. A friendly attitude is necessary for this position.

Expo: An Expo is part of the front of the house staff. They are responsible to make sure tables’ orders are ready at the same time. They then deliver it to the table as quickly as possible. Being a team player is required for this position.

Food Preparation: Food Preparation is part of the catering staff. They are also responsible for preparing food and making it look presentable. Their job is to make the dishes look pretty and appetizing.

Delivery Driver: A Delivery Driver is part of the catering staff. They are responsible for making sure delivery orders are correct and delivering them to customers by car. They need to possess a valid driver’s license.

Catering Sales Supervisor: A Catering Sales Supervisor is part of the catering staff. Their job is to oversee all catering staff members and handle and difficult situations that may occur with staff and customers. This role requires a person with good leadership skills.

Corner Bakery Cafe Application

There are a couple of ways to apply to the Cafe. You can search their job openings online. You can also go in person to one of their locations and ask about their openings. If you have any questions about the application process, you can go into one of the locations and ask to speak with a manager.

They have online applications as well as paper applications in the store. Their website is useful to see everything in one place. They accept both forms of applications but often prefer to receive online applications.

Accurate information is important on the application. If completing a paper application neat handwriting is important. The manager needs to be able to read and understand the paper application. On both applications, correct spelling and grammar are important too. Up to date contact information is also needed.

Your resume needs to have correct spelling. Proper grammar and job experience is great too. Be sure to put your school information such as whether you are in high school or college. That will help if you have no prior work experience. List any volunteer roles or extra curricular activities you may have participated in if you’re in highschool.

Online websites like Glassdoor are helpful with interview questions. You can read about how interviews went. You can also see the types of questions asked. You could also ask current employees about their interview process.

Things to Know About Corner Bakery Cafe

Their culture caters to the busy lifestyle of most people. They also make time for customers who want to dine in and enjoy their meal instead of taking it to go. Staff are said to treat each other like family. The atmosphere is very diverse. They cater to people of all ages and dining habits.

As mentioned before, the Cafe was awarded for their sustainability. They were able to use 14.5% less energy which is the same as a passenger car being driven 80,000 miles. The Cafe is always donating to charity and supporting local causes whenever possible. The Cafe is usually changing and updating their menu depending on the season and ingredients available.

The Cafe came up with the idea to put the chain in airports. This was to support and expand their sustainability goals. They have a nutritional chart on their website. It lists all the calories, sugars, fats, fibers, and nutrients for all menu items. Their goal is to keep expanding and providing the best customer service to all guests.

The Cafe listens to their customers. They improve their menu and work to meet their needs and requests. The Cafe is constantly creative in their marketing strategy.  They introduced a new lunch item which was a flatbread sandwich. They used the hashtag #UnFlatMe which took off on social media.They are committed to satisfying customers in neighborhoods all over the United States.