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Convergys is a company that offers information or customer management services to large businesses. It is based in Cincinnati, Ohio but has multiple satellite offices in over 30 countries across the globe.

The company started under AT&T Solutions Customer Care and Cincinnati Bell Information Systems. In 1998, it officially became an independent business by means of issuing an IPO or initial public offering.

Today, Convergys employs over 130,000 employees, giving management services in various sectors such as communications, healthcare, and retail. High quality of service garnered the company numerous awards like the Quill Excellence for Communications Management, and ICT Hall of Fame Award.

Employees of the company receive benefits like comprehensive medical insurance, medical coverage for direct dependents, and 401k plan. Other perks of being an employee of the company include financial compensation based on performance, and annual salary increase.

Employees can make sure of career growth through professional development and subsequent promotions. Technical training also helps them gain more knowledge and enhance their communication skills.

How old do you have to be to work at Convergys?

Being a company that offers fast-paced and high pressure jobs, Convergys requires applicants to be at least 18 years of age to be considered for employment.

Convergys Careers

The company regularly posts job openings in different sectors, categories, and locations so applicants have more choices regarding the career path they are willing to take.

Sales Associate I: A sales associates must have in depth knowledge regarding the company’s different products, promotions, and services. This is in order to effectively achieve the set sales goals and maximize sale opportunities with every customer call. He must also be able to execute approved probing strategies to determine specific customer needs and subsequently offer the relevant product or service.

Technical Support Associate I: A technical support associate is generally involved in assisting customers regarding technical concerns with various services or products. He is expected to efficiently investigate the problem by corresponding with the client and troubleshooting the hardware, software, or network. Subsequently, he also formulates resolutions to address the caller’s concerns.

Trainer: A trainer oversees the trainees of the company. He provides coaching to new recruits and subsequently monitors their progress, gives feedbacks, and assesses if they are ready to be assigned in the workplace. He is also responsible in preparing and executing different demonstration methods in order to promote accelerated learning.

Senior Technical Support: A senior technical support staff monitors the software and hardware components of the company. He executes regular site maintenance as well as safety checks of designated equipment. Additionally, he also ensures that all software patches are up to date as required by Desktop Engineering. He is also responsible for creating backup for the onsite servers.

Healthcare Customer Service Representative: A healthcare customer service representative sells healthcare products. By working with leads, he is expected to listen to customers’ needs and preferences. Subsequently, he matches those client concerns with the right insurance package option and takes charge of enrolling the caller to it. He is also in charge of following up to ensure all required documents are completed and processed.

Recruiting Manager: A recruiting manager is responsible for the development, execution, and maintenance of different recruitment strategies to support efficient short-term recruiting process. He also assembles a team and leads them in sourcing and subsequently hiring talents. Additionally, he also contributes to the development of recruitment analytics and metrics in order to improve program ROI.

Customer Service Retention Associate: A customer service retention associate answers inbound calls and corresponds with customers. He is responsible for a variety of customer interactions which includes processing of sales and orders, selling company services and products, receiving and providing information, and overall providing quality basic customer service support.

Team Leader: A team leader oversees the day-to-day operation of assigned call center associates. He monitors each associate’s attendance, work performance, and ensures that each strictly adheres to the company’s policies. Moreover, he is responsible for recognizing if there are any performance issues, and makes sure that such issues are resolved.

Training Manager: A training manager is in charge of selecting, teaching, developing, and managing the training staff. He coordinates with trainers for efficient planning and assigning of works. He is also expected to give necessary coaching and counseling if necessary. Regular evaluation and reporting of the training staff’s performance is also performed by a training manager.

Content Developer: A content developer makes sure that all proposals are in line with the company’s operating models, service offerings, and system functionality. He is also in charge of informing stakeholders regarding new proposal contents by regularly reporting to them.

Convergys Application

To apply for a job, one must first browse through the list of career openings at the company’s website. From there, one can see the general requirements for a certain position, and subsequently assess whether he is qualified or not.

After choosing a job position, application requirements can be submitted online through their site. The quick apply function for each job listing enables the easy uploading of necessary documents.

After uploading the document requirements, one will be taken to a page wherein he must fill up the blank fields. For the application process to go smoothly, all information asked for must be ensured to be accurate and complete.

In creating a resume, it is important to give emphasis to relevant work experience and skills. By doing so, human resource personnel will be able to easily notice the applicant’s qualifications.

And because the company is greatly involved in communication, it is important for an applicant to ace the interview. Brushing up on one’s communication performance days before the interview will certainly bring favorable results.

Things To Know About Convergys

The culture in Convergys reflects what the company gives utmost importance to, which is the overall wellness of its customers and staff. With proper attitude and communication, harmonious relationship between everybody involved with the company is maintained.

As an ever-growing business, the company still finds opportunities for growth. Just recently, it announced thousands of new job openings for all stations across the world. Expanding into new sectors is also being investigated in order to create more opportunities.

Also, as a business largely involved in communicating with different people around the world, it does not discriminate and gives equal growth opportunities to all kinds of people, regardless of age, gender, or race.

The company maintains its involvement in helping communities grow by providing education and trainings, promoting access to healthcare, and overall addressing the challenges of everyday life.

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