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Consolidated Edison, more commonly known as Con Edison or Con Ed, is a company establish on tradition in the United States. Founded in 1823, Consolidated Edison has a wealth of opportunities and careers for those searching for them. The business was founded by New York investors and eventually engulfed six major gas companies in New York. The Consolidated Edison Application can be found in the link provided below.

Under the overall umbrella of the Consolidated Edison name are a few related companies. These subsidiaries have been a major force in expanding the Con Ed brand. The name originally came from one such merger, when the New York Edison Company and the Consolidated Gas Company joined forces. When electric started outselling gas, the companies joined together and secured the New York power demand.

The company’s scope is tremendous, given that it is only serving the New York City area. Its gas pipelines could reach from NYC to Paris and back again if laid end to end. The electrical wires underground could circle the globe numerous times, while the above ground wires could reach to and from Los Angeles more than ten times! In short, there are job opportunities out there with Con Ed!

More specific information can be found online on the company website. Whether you are looking for a job in an office or out under the sun, Consolidated Edison may just have a spot for you. They even have specially sectioned off a page for college students and recent graduates! There are printable application forms and downloadable application forms, as well as an online application.

Consolidated Edison Careers

Consolidated Edison offers many different career opportunities for its many different and unique applicants. From Upper level managerial posts to Entry Level positions for the new workers, they offer it all. Con Edison strives to give power to its community and also give back to those same people. A few managerial posts include: construction managements, compliance management, and project management.

The company also offers various entry-level jobs for their prospective employers. As mentioned, Con Ed does offer college graduate with entry-level opportunities, obviously not guaranteed but offered and applicable. They also offer entry-level technician positions, provided you have a Bachelor’s degree. You can apply online using the free application.

How old do you have to be to work at Consolidated Edison? For the majority of the jobs listed on their website, candidates must be at least 20, having either a High School Diploma and work experience, or an Associate’s Degree. Other jobs require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in specific fields such as engineering.

Careers are made within the company, with many opportunities for advancement and promotions. Along with this come the benefits supplied by the company. They offer competitive retirement plans, family benefits, personal health benefits and many more.

Consolidated Edison Job Descriptions

Technical Associate- As a technical associate, you will be tasked with making sure multiple things happen flawlessly simultaneously. Therefore, you must possess the ability to multitask without becoming flustered. A bachelor’s degree is required and at least a year of experience is preferred.

Strategic Applications Supervisor- This position requires you to put your managerial style to work and organize other employees to keep the functions of the company in sync. This person must be in possession of a valid driver’s license, as they will be floating between different company buildings to manage Customer Operations Employees.

Facilities and Field Services Employee- These positions require the ability to do heavy lifting on the job. Within this sector, there are various jobs that prefer previous work experience but are willing to give anyone qualified a chance. No degree required for these positions, just your desire to work hard and get your foot in the door.

Compliance Management, Senior Specialist- These positions require a degree of higher learning or the work experience equivalent. In this position, your job will be to ensure that the employees of the company are complying with the culture set by management. You will need strong organizational, administrative, and communication skills for this position.

Consolidated Edison Interview Questions

These are some of the interview questions you should prepare for ahead of your big day

Tell us a little about you and how you will fit in at Consolidated Edison: This answer needs to tell the interviewer more than what you say. Do research prior to the interview. Use the buzzwords of the company’s culture and explain how you exemplify these adjectives. Exude confidence and show why your employment will benefit the company. 

What experience do you have? This is straightforward. Tell them what experiences you have had that correlate to the job. Relate something through adjectives if you have no experience. So if you don’t have experience using a computer to synchronize power outputs, explain a situation you were in that was detail-oriented and fast-paced. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? The interviewer is looking to see if you are committed or in it for the paycheck. Neither is necessarily wrong, but one has precedence when thinking about training new employees. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know, just make sure that you explain what you mean. Suggest you could see a future blooming from your success in your new job. Do not be quick to inquire about salary. What responsibilities will you be able to carry out?

Some jobs may require transportation. Be prepared for the following: “Do you have reliable transportation?” and “Do you have any moving violations or accidents on your record?

Make sure that you have proof of your driving record. Some may want it, some may not, but you show your honesty and organizational skills by being ready beforehand.

Managerial candidates might answer are: “Do you consider yourself a leader?” and “Can you provide examples of how you were able to effectively manage employees at past jobs?” The interviewer wants to see how you handle power and crisis. If you choose to use an example where you had to fix a crisis, make sure you spin it to show the positive side of what you accomplished.

Advice For Application Process

The applicant needs to walk the very fine line of showing confidence without seeming arrogant. The interviewer(s) will want a nice, firm handshake and confident attitude from any applicant. But they do not want to feel like you believe your interview was a formality. Make sure to look interviewers in the eye and speak clearly.

All applicants should dress sensibly. For men, that means dress shirts and pants, a tie or bow tie, and appropriate footwear. For women, tasteful dresses and blouses or pant suits with appropriate footwear. Given the quick interview process, sometimes an interviewer will make their decision based on looks. Don’t blow the interview before saying a word!

The interview may only last 10-20 minutes. What this means is every word out of your mouth needs to have a purpose. It needs to describe the type of employee you will be while maintaining the type of person you are. Do your research on your prospective job and be prepared to flaunt your homework. It will show initiative.

Along with the first tidbit of advice, be humble about being selected for an interview. You made it past the first round of deliberation on who to give the job to. A day or two later, send your head interviewer a thank you note that also expresses your eagerness to get to work and contribute to the company. Below, you will find how to apply for Con Ed online.
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