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img- Comfort Keepers ApplicationSeniors can now live an independent life while still in their homes with the assistance from Comfort Keepers.  Qualified personnel provide personalized care for seniors needing a little help or seniors who require more care. If you have a passion for people, submit a Comfort Keepers Application online.

In 1998, Kris Clum and her husband Jerry Clum Jr. recognized a need in their community to provide non-medical care to homebound seniors. As a nurse, she could provide home health care but her patients needed a little more assistance.  Sometimes her patients wanted just to have a chat with someone or needed a few groceries delivered.

The Clums created Comfort Keepers Franchises for that purpose. Their mission is providing top level care so that seniors could live the best independent life possible at home. The company now has over 750 franchised locations serving the elderly across the world.   Their headquarters is in Dayton, Ohio.

Comfort Keepers is ranked number one in Senior Care Franchise Network in 2015.  If you are interested in this wonderful franchise of providing care for seniors, then visit the Comfort Keepers website for more information.  The company will provide business support and help you every step of the way with a business plan, training classes, and a business coach.

Comfort Keepers Careers

If you are a professional and want a career in the home health industry, Comfort Keepers Careers are available for caring individuals who want seniors to live an independent life.  You can submit an online application or fill out a direct application with the company.  They have careers for nurses, personal care aide, certified nursing assistants, and companion home/makers.

Entry-level job opportunities are available for those interested in Comfort Keepers jobs who want to be a part of the home health care industry and love caring for older people.  Those Positions include receptionists, bookkeepers, client care coordinator, and intake coordinator.  If they are hiring in your local area, just apply online.

How old do you have to be to work for Comfort Keepers? To submit a Comfort Keepers application, you must 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Some positions may require more experience in the field, when you fill out an application form inquire about the specific details.  Unfortunately, a printable application or a download application is unavailable.

Benefits for eligible employees include a comprehensive health insurance package.  Other benefits for eligible employees include a 401 (k) retirement plans and paid time off. Check with your local office for a complete list of benefits that are offered.  Training is provided for some of the jobs.

The hours of operation for an employee vary by position. Some positions will require you to be there for in home care. Other jobs will require you to be there for a few hours to help with nutritional and personal care.  You will have to work weekends, nights, and holidays.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Companion-You will be providing non-medical health care to homebound seniors.  Your job entails ensuring that they have proper nutritional meals, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen. You will make sure your client is receiving personal care such as grooming, dressing, and ambulation.  Your wage is $9.00 an hour.

Certified Nurse’s Aide-Your job description includes assisting clients with any personal care they may need.  You will perform any light house cleaning duties such as dusting, mopping, or vacuuming. You will provide activities to keep your clients engaged. Depending on experience, your wage will be $10.00 an hour to $14.00 an hour.

Assistant Scheduling Coordinator-Your job will be to assist the client care coordinator and schedule qualified Comfort Keepers for new and current clients. You will process data for payroll and billing processes and will assist in any caregiver issue that may arise. Part of your job will be to perform caregiver duties if the need exists. Your salary, depending on experience, is $20,000 a year.

Client Care Coordinator-Your responsibilities include, under the supervision of the general manager, coordinate client care needs with qualified personnel. You will participate in meetings about client care, serve as a liaison between the client, caregiver, and general manager. You will schedule shifts for caregivers and clients. Your salary is $39,000 a year.

Comfort Keepers Interview Questions

Working in home health care is a rewarding experience, Comfort Keepers jobs provide those opportunities.  As you fill out your free application for employment, keep these questions in mind.

Why do want to work for Comfort Keepers? There are many options for home health care; you can work in hospitals, nursing homes, or work independently. Write down the reasons you want to work for them.  What do they offer that can help you with your career?

Tell me about your most challenging day as a caregiver and how did you overcome those challenges? Careers in this field are rewarding, but they can be very challenging.  Explain a challenging experience you had and what steps did you take to overcome it.

What was your greatest failure? They know you are not perfect, but they want to see if you learned from your mistakes.  You will have to strike a balance with this question. You will want to answer honestly but not look like a bad candidate. Practice the question and answer before the interview.

Why do want to be a caregiver? They are looking for employees who are caring, compassionate, have patience, and are outgoing. With so many applications to choose from, you will want to shine with your personality and credentials.

Do you have transportation, license, and insurance? You will be an independent caregiver, so reliable transportation is vital.  If you own your car, make sure your license and insurance are up to date.

Advice for Application Process

How to apply for Comfort Keepers online? To apply for jobs at Comfort Keepers, just go to their link and go to the careers tab. On that page, you will find Comfort Keepers jobs online in your area.  Go to “View Job Openings” on the career link and view details of the job.

After you have selected your job, you can apply online by filling their job application or uploading your resume.  However, if you prefer, you can go directly to their office.  Unfortunately, there is not a printable application for Comfort Keepers.

Applicants should hear from the company within a few days to schedule an interview.  You can expect different types of interviews such as a phone screening, then a 1:1 interview and possibly a panel interview. Those who are dressed professionally and have prepared answers for the interview will have a better chance of employment.

At the time of the interview, bring all copies of certifications with you. Because you will work independently with people, they will do a thorough background check that includes a credit history report.  They will also check your driver’s license, insurance, and call your references.  The job is physically demanding but very rewarding.  Your compassion will be an asset to the company.
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