Cold Stone Creamery Application & Careers

Cold Stone Creamery is a U.S.-based ice cream parlor chain. For many years, this company made and served up delicious ice cream. It eventually expanded its product line to include ice cream cakes, smoothies, and various ice cream-based treats.

The company headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Co-founders Donald and Susan Sutherland opened the company’s first store in 1988. They took passion in serving their customers ice cream that’s not soft-serve or hard-packed, but smooth and creamy.

Cold Creamery has received many awards over the years. Recent awards include landing in the top 50 of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 in 2014 and the Consumer Pick in 2013 for Limited Service by Nation’s Restaurant News.

The company offers competitive salaries. Working schedules for most positions typically require weekends, nights, and holidays. Benefit packages include health insurance individual programs. There are also monthly bonus programs that depend on store metric goals.

The company capitalizes on its passionate employees who deliver top-notch service to complement their excellent ice cream products. Team members, from entry-level to top management, enjoy working at Cold Creamery especially with the competitive salaries and benefits that they get.

How old do you have to be to work at Cold Stone Creamery?

The minimum age requirement for most of the entry-level positions is 18 years old. It is most recommended to check the state laws covering the store’s location for better guidance on minimum age requirements.

Cold Stone Creamery Careers

Interested applicants can choose to work for local stores or apply for positions for offices at the headquarters.

Assistant Store Manager: This position is next in command to the Store Manager. He takes over supervision of the staff and the stores operations when the Store Manager is not around. He is also co-accountable for maintaining the quality of products and the fun ambiance in the store.

Crew Member: A crew member has a number of tasks listed in his job responsibilities. Some of these tasks are: manning food preparation lines, operating microwaves and fryers, keeping stock and food areas (including equipment and work stations) clean. This position also involves maintaining stock inventories and moving equipment and supplies to and from the work areas.

Counter Person: A counter person has to have a pleasant disposition and should always have a smile on his face. Knowledge about the store’s products and services is a must along with strong selling skills. The counter person is also in charge of cash register transactions and, in some cases, helping in the product preparation.

Ice Cream Artists: This vital entry-level store position requires physical coordination and performance skills. Ice cream artists have to prepare each order with great flair and showmanship to delight the customers. Each order that an ice cream artist makes should be smooth and delicious and visually pleasing at the same time.

Ice Cream Cake Decorator: Although baking skills are not necessary to be an ice cream cake decorator, applicants for this position should have great decorating skills. Some experience is required for job applicants. Decorators usually work on mid-day or evening shifts.

Runner: This is a warehouse employee tasked with handling the transport and delivery of materials and goods as required by the stores. He basically handles clerical work including checking of packaging and labeling, verifying dispatch documents, and processing of store requisitions. This employee works under the supervision of the Warehouse Manager.

Shift Leader: This job requires passion for customer service combined with good leadership skills. The shift leader usually supervises about 3 people at a time and ensures that the store’s sales targets are met. He is also in charge of checking and updating the inventory, ensuring a steady supply of goods and stocks, and keeping the equipment functioning properly.

Store Manager: This manager’s key responsibilities include supervising the staff, overseeing the store operations, and ensuring that customers are served in a timely and efficient manner. He is also in charge of conducting new staff training and coordinating the work schedules of the crew members. In-store marketing and regulatory compliance are likewise within the scope of this manager’s responsibilities.

Utility Personnel: This in-store employee is responsible for cleaning the premises, both behind the counter and in the dining area. He ensures that all the dining area chairs and tables are in place after the customers leave. He also takes care of clearing and throwing out the trash.

Web Designer: This is a head office job that involves creative work. This job involves updating the company website in accordance to the brand’s graphic standards. Concepts may or may not originate from this personnel as he could collaborate with the marketing team and a third party ad agency. He could work alongside other web developers and IT consultants.

Cold Stone Creamery Application

To apply for a job at Cold Stone, visit the Store Locator in their website. Then, click on “Store Details” to see local job postings.

Applications are accepted online and in-store. Online applications go direct to the store that posted the job opening. Stores with “Now Auditioning” signs accept walk-ins.

The application forms are simple and easy to fill up. They only require basic information and an email address. Pertinent details such as skills and employment history will be placed in the resume.

Make your resume comprehensive but keep it concise. Focus on the required skills and qualifications for the job you are applying for. Significant work experience holds a lot of weight in the application screening.

In line with the fun and energetic work environment of Cold Stone, it would be a big plus to show some personality during the ‘auditions’ or the interview. Sell yourself as someone who can entertain while doing your job.

Facts About Cold Stone Creamery

Each store across the country and other countries serve up amazing ice cream. The enthusiastic and friendly crew members do not fail to entertain customers. Watching the ice cream artists whip up your order is a treat in itself.

Cold Stone Creamery makes it in the news mostly due to their exciting promotions and new flavors. Among these are unique celebrations like “National Frappe Day.”

The company is known for its commitment to delivering excellent ice cream products with equally excellent customer service. The stores create an environment where customers enjoy their cold treats in the warmth of the team’s personal touch.

Each store is dedicated to helping out its local community as well. They participate in many local events such as fundraisers, charities, and donation drives to help out with various advocacies such as Best Buddies.

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