Coastal Edge Application & Careers

Coastal Edge is a company that sell skates and surf boards. They also sell clothing and protective gear. This company is mainly for people who love to skate. Also, for people who love to surf. If you are a surfing person or a skater this is the company for you.

Coastal Edge is a company that’s operated by family and friends. The founder of this unique company is D. Nachnani. D Nachnani loved the water and he loved business. He combined the two and then Coastal Edge was born. All of this was created in the year of 1990 and it is still growing strong.

As of now there are around 40 workers working there.  There are around four different locations you are free to checkout. The company donates to the breast cancer research center. They sell race for the cure t-shirts and sweat shirts. They also have their own surfing team which is a nice thing to have.

There are a few benefits of working with Coastal Edge. One, main benefit of  working with them is that you get a discount. Another benefit is that it is a fast pace environment which keeps the employees busy. The next benefit is that the company is right next to the beach. The next good benefit is the store hours the employees love the hours.

Most people like working there because of the environment it is very friendly. The owner is very friendly and the employees love that too. The management team is very helpful and the employees feel very relaxed and comfortable around them. Some of the stores are right on the beach and the employees love that. The hours are good and the employees love the hours they work.

How old do you have to be to work at Coastal Edge? 

The age requirement for working with this company is 14. 14 is the age required by law and there are time limits because they are still considered minors. Most 14 year olds like working here during the summer months because it is close to the beach. State laws require some permits as well so that helps with the limits as well.

Coastal Edge Careers

There are a variety of careers in this field to choose from. Many employees start out as a cashier or something and then are trained in another field. Since this company is retail you will need to know what to do in retail. When working in a retail position you should know all about the products the company sell. You should also know about customers as well, this will help when working in this industry.

Cashier: most cashiers will have to check out the customers products. You will have to ring up the product. Take the money from the customer, hand the customer their change. Put the customer products in a bag. Hand the customer their bag and thank them for shopping at the store and tell them to come again.

Customer service: this position require you to take care of the customers needs. Answer all questions they may have, if they are returning an item it is your responsibility to take care of it. If the customer is having an issue over the phone it is your responsibility to help them as well. Customer satisfaction is the key to this job position.

Stocker: this particular position requires you to keep the store stock. Whenever, a shelf is low on a certain product it is your job to restock the missing product. When a truck come in it is your job to unload the truck and put everything in the stock room. You must also make sure the stock room is clean and up to the company standards.

Sales Associate: this position requires you to fully understand each product the store is selling. When a customer have a question about a particular product you must be able to answer that question correctly and satisfy their issues. You should know some different sales techniques as a sales associate as well.

Store Greeter: this position require you to greet the customers when they walk in the store. You will have to greet the customers when they leave the store as well. Store greeters are the first person the customers see so you should be cheerful and always smiling, and full of energy.

Display Merchandiser: this position requires you to lift up boxes. You have to know how to design store displays. You have to be very creative as well. Without creativity the designs will not attract any attention from people walking by.

Inventory Taker: this position require you to be in control of the merchandise. You have check out all of the merchandise that is on the shelf and make sure that there is some more in the stock room. If the item is out you have to order some more. It is your job to keep the store full of the products they carry.

Order Filler: this position require you to work online on the shop site. You will have to process the order and ship the order to the customer. You will also be responsible for sending them their tracking information. You will have to answer every question the customer have. It is your job to make the customer happy about their decision to buy the product.

Janitorial: this job require you to keep the store clean. You have too sweep the store and mop it when the store is closed. You have to bring in the buggies, and keep the parking lot clean. If someone spill something then you have to clean it up. You have to keep the bathroom clean as well. And you must make sure the toilet is clean.

Team leader: this position require you to know fully know your department and the people you work with. You are in charge of getting your department under control. You have to communicate with the store associates and make sure everybody is happy. You have to be a problem solver as well, and you have to train new workers.

Coastal Edge Application

The application is on the website so of course you must go to the website and fill out your information. After you have filled out the required information you will hit the submit button. After hitting the submit button the information will go to the headquarter.

You can get the application online and you can get the application at the store. They will also allow you to print the application off their website. So, you can get your application any way you want to.

The main tip is to fill out your application truthfully. Potential employers do not like liars so always be truthful. Always add references that will talk good about you because a bad reference can really harm your chances of getting hired.

Your resume should also be truthful. Make sure you add all of your skills because your skills will be key to getting the job. And always keep your resume updated because an out of date resume can cost you the job.

When you are preparing for an interview you should know about the company and the company products. Knowledge about the business is the key to your success during the interview portion. You should also know how to sell a product by giving all of the details so the customer can know they made a great decision.

Things To Know About Coastal Edge

This company was created with the beach in mind. Everything is focused around the beach especially the products that are being sold in the store.

The biggest news worthy events is the East coast surfing championships. This is a surfing competition where surfers from everywhere get together and have fun. There are some other events going on as well but this is the main attraction.

They are known for this event. This surfing event is one of the biggest events that everybody love to attend. This event set the company apart from other competitive’s in this retail field.

As, for the social efforts there is a face book page set up for this event. There is a lot of social efforts put together so people will be able to stay up to date.