Clark County School District Application & Careers


CCSD plays a significant role in education in Sothern Nevada. The school serves more than 32,000 students in kindergarten who joins through the 12th grade. In overall, it translates more than 75% of students in Nevada. The school offers online secondary school education, alongside Technical Academies nationally recognized Magnet Schools and Career. It also proffers services like Adult education courses, school police department, and special education.

The school was established in 1956, administrated by a Board of Trustees that consist of seven members. The seven members represent each different geographic regions within the county. The district holds within 357 school.

The school is ranked fifth largest in the Country. It is in partnership with community organizations and higher education institutions. It supports the charter school like the Delta Academy, Odyssey Charter schools, Explore Knowledge Academy, and the Rainbow Hills Academy.

CCSD offer jobs beneficial to the society, and it has created job opportunities for more than 40,000 employees in the state. Services provided to workers include sick leave reimbursement, family and medical leave act and many others. If interested, you can apply for a job at Clark County School District website.

How old do you have to be to work at Clark County School District?

Normally, a job seeker should be at least 18 years of age to be considered in CCSD. The reason behind this is that a person above 18 years can take responsibility. On meeting that, you can apply for the available post that suits you.

Clerk County School District Careers.

Administrative personnel: He or she coordinates with the group staff policies in communication and the management suitability of the employees. He or she maintains and develops the relations with the personnel officer on the recruitment matters. This personnel also has other responsibilities like updating the regularity of the files when the staff changes and collects information of the new employees. Payments are negotiable.

Licensed Personnel: A Licensed personnel ensures the District has attained its requirements. He or she coordinates with the senior teacher in achieving the academic target. Some of the available posts under this category includes; Elementary teacher, art teacher for Elementary classes, Agriculture teacher for secondary classes and more others.

Substitute Job: Here there is three post including support staff, coach, and the substitute teacher. For a Substitute teacher/guest teacher: He or she will be responsible for a class that the regular contracted teacher is absent. Support Staff Substitute: He or she will serve the office if the regular contracted support personnel is not present. Finally for the Coaching: He or she will be responsible for sports activity at any season of the games. He or she can be the major or assistant coach for the school team.

Support Position: The support personnel, responsibilities will vary depending on the office. He or she will work on a temporary basis; hence, there are no benefits. The available positions under this category include; Enterprise systems integration specialist, Bus driver trainee, the temporary driver for heavy truck, Temporary Custodian, and many more others.

Apart from the above major positions, other available positions are; Math teacher, Science and Special Education teacher, motivation speaker to students, school nurse, school psychologists, school social workers, and speech or language Pathologist.

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