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Cinnabon is a food retailer that sells some of the most popular cinnamon rolls in the country. The company also makes and sells blended, iced and hot drinks, churros, and other baked treats.

The company was founded in Sandy Springs, Georgia in 1985. In 1998, AFC Enterprises, Inc. bought Cinnabon for more than $60 million. After 6 years, FOCUS Brands Incorporated purchased the company from AFC Enterprises Incorporated.

The company has more than 1,200 bakeries in over 40 countries. The bakeries are located mostly in kiosk locations and malls. Cinnamon rolls remain their best-seller.

Full-time associates are eligible for health benefits that include dental, medical, and vision plans. Also, these employees receive flexible spending accounts and prescription plans. Other associates receive benefits like retirement options, discounts on items purchased and paid uniforms.

People like working at Cinnabon mainly because of the benefits they provide to all hardworking employees. Aside from this, the management also gives all employees the opportunity to grow and achieve individual success.

How old do you have to be to work at Cinnabon?

Applicants should be at least 16 years old to qualify for the entry-level jobs. The company offers job vacancies from its franchised stores and corporate office. 

Cinnabon Careers

The company needs all candidates to be at least 16 years old for most entry-level jobs. Any positions that involve using bakery equipment are only open to applicants who are above 18 years old. This is to comply with the national child labor law. The company’s most commonly offered positions include following:

Cashiers: Cashiers assist the customers and explain the products available to them. They mostly work in supermarkets, retail shops, movie theaters, gas stations and restaurants. Cashiers use a standard cash register for ringing up customers. Their job also includes bagging the purchased items and handling returns or exchanges.

Crew Members: Crew members can work as either full-time or part-time employees. They must show exceptional customer service skills through prioritizing the customers’ needs and serving good food continuously. Also, they must be efficient in representing the company’s brand, image, and standards. Their job also involves lifting and carrying bulky items and standing up for up to 4 hours.

Sanitation Specialists: Sanitation specialists uphold and maintain an organized and clean working environment, both inside and outside. Their duties involve mopping floors, washing and disinfecting break rooms, restrooms, pantry and other areas. They must also empty trash containers, replenish the bathroom supplies and help unload deliveries if needed.

Bakers: Bakers prepare batter, dough, filling, and icing. They must also know how to use graduated containers or scales to measure and properly weigh ingredients. They are the ones who bake and produce cookies, pie crusts, bread, and other kinds of doughs. Bakers make those tasty treats through cutting, kneading and rolling dough into specific sizes and shapes.

Restaurant Managers: Restaurant managers deal with any customer-related issues and also ensure the food’s quality. They deal with different staffing concerns, while ensuring that everything is fine as profitably and smoothly as possible. Restaurant managers check the size and quality of each serving, oversee food preparation and organize the stocks.

Assistant Restaurant Managers: Assistant restaurant managers have many tasks to do each day. Their job typically calls for excellent leadership skills. They use their skills for managing the crew of salespeople under their charge, as well as handing out orders to servers in the restaurant. Restaurant managers are also tasked with checking the size and quality of each serving, overseeing food preparation and organizing the stocks.

Administrative Assistants: Administrative assistants are also called secretaries, office clerks, or receptionists. They perform routine organizational and clerical tasks. They organize records, draft messages, support other employees and schedule appointments.

Training Specialist: A training specialist trains both new and old employees through seminars, workshops, and presentations. He or she would teach newbies all of the skills and knowledge for them to get the job done right. The outcome of their work is apparent in enhanced employee productivity, improved employee loyalty, and higher employee self-esteem. A training specialist teaches teamwork, communication skills and even technical information for using new software programs.

Field Marketing Managers:  Field marketing managers are tasked with finding market opportunities for in-person customer engagement. They also help team members develop their presentation and communication skills. They evaluate their marketing efforts’ effectiveness and create adjustments. Also, these people make sure that most field market techniques give a constant message.

Franchise Sales Managers: These people help the franchisees optimize the sales and profit from their own franchises. Franchise sales managers serve as the major communication connection between the franchisees and franchisors. They with the set up and working with all franchisees to optimize account sales.

Cinnabon Application

The company lets the candidates for entry-level jobs use their official website when searching for the nearest bakery with vacancies.

Note that every Cinnabon branch is privately owned. Therefore, the company is not offering online applications.  Applicants must visit the branch nearest to them and fill out an application form. All necessary personal information should be provided on the form and candidates must make sure that all entries are accurate and correct.

As for the resumes, candidates should submit an updated copy with a recent ID picture. Their application form, resume and cover letter should be submitted directly to hiring managers.

Qualified candidates should wear casual business clothing and arrive on time. They should give more attention to personal hygiene, overall attitude, and availability to have more chances of getting hired immediately.

Facts About Cinnabon

The company always aims to serve the best cinnamon rolls to every customer. Each Cinnabon bakery is a good, cozy place where anyone can relax, spend time with friends, and eat freshly baked goods. The company’s philosophy is serving people who serve others.

The bakery company shares happiness with their customers by giving them eGift cards. These special gifts are often sent via text, email or Twitter. eGift cards can be customized. Customers can use these gifts at all participating bakery.

The company is also known to support various charitable programs with the community their branches are in. This means that every purchase you make in their stores also helps those who are in need.

Cinnabon supports The Daisy Foundation. This organization aims to recognize and appreciate the nurses’ care and efforts for families and patients each day. The company works relentlessly with charitable organizations and community organizers to give back to the community.  

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